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  1. Anyone out there have the spearmint metal flake on colour scheme on their Fi ? I’m picking up my 18 tomorrow which is blk and blue metal but ordering a custom 19 in Dec and would love to see different colour combos on water. I’m not a huge fan of black.
  2. Fi23 Review

    Swapping out my 2012 sv233 tomorrow for a Fi23, I will try to help you out with this comparison.
  3. Ok so I pulled VDrive, it’s good I put all back together and still made same noise. Not the cutlass bearing, not the stuffing box. I crawled in with a stethoscope and finally narrowed it down to the engine side of the transmission (direct drive). Soo now does anyone out there know if you can change just transmission components or is it like a v drive and it’s change our whole unit?
  4. Boat making a strange noise coming from vDrive, has oil just changed, no metal on dip stick. Does the attached link sound familiar to anyone? https://youtu.be/BALnCUWcXYI I’m thinking bearing but not quite sure.
  5. I pulled valves (gates) and bench tested them absolutely zero movement. Centurion is honouring warranty even tho I'm expired. Hopefully the computer display guages will work cause I filled manually and nothing registers on display.
  6. Thanks all!! I'll pull boat out of water tomorrow and bench test the valves to be sure. Keep you posted.
  7. The flood gates sorry. I went down this morning and tried to jump them out with a battery right at the valve and starboard clicks and port has nothing. Also did a draw test and they are not drawing. Do these valves stick and burn out? Also I moved both valves manually and tried again to jump them still nothing. Is there upgraded version to replace these or can you pull these and pull apart to rebuild? They are the : Pure Vert, Drain Master Marine electric ballast valve.
  8. Hey All. please help my baby won't fill or empty the built in ballasts. If I try to use a programmed profile it shows no filling same with manual analog switches. I checked all battery connections and fuses. When I hit analog switch computer display recognizes but no filling takes place. All pro ballast are enabled. Im soo frustrated !!!
  9. Yeah we gotter and the lightning is now upgraded to a 2012 Enzo 233 !!!!!
  10. 211 Enzo surf wake

    Well I have now changed to a loaded 233 Enzo with pro ballast and plug n play. So pumped to pick up on Friday!!!!!
  11. With tha all that being said......... The Mercs will only go into limp mode on three major things to protect you engine. So if you mechanich tells you its water in fuel its not......Boat will run like crap if there is water in fuel but will NOT go into limp mode and throw a code. 1)Engine Temp Sensor 2)Oil Pressure Sensor 3)Transmission Sensor If you boat ever does this have them hook to computer right away and start with the sensor directly related to code if all guages read GOOD. Could save you some trouble shooting and labour costs. I hope this helps somebody out along the way. Cheers
  12. So the beeping started again this summer and with tons of trouble shooting and talking to Merc, we hooked to computer and found that the oil pressure sensor was faulty. Gauge was reading good, but boat would still go into limp mode. The part was $160 total bill $600 with trouble shooting and labour.
  13. 211 Enzo surf wake

    Hey guys I have a 2004 lightning that I'm currently going to trade off on 211 enzo and I am wondering if the 211 enzo has plug n play do I need to have additional fat sack to maximize the surf wake? Let's say with 3 adults in boat plus surfer? Please respond quick as the upgrade is happening this week. I'm very pumped to get a new baby!!
  14. FYI to all that made suggestions. It was found that the boat had water in the fuel and I had just filled up 1hr prior to the issue. Thanks for all your suggestions< guess I have to pay the bill.............lol
  15. Hey Guys As far I could tell there was no black dust in the engine compartment, I also did check the kill switch but will double check this. The cord definitely was not wrapped around anything at all. Thank you all for your input and suggestions, please keep them coming. My next step is to take to a shop and get it diagnosed on a code reader. Thanks Again!!

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