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  1. When I remove the bolts that hold the impeller pump back plate and bearing housing together, there is some kind of brown goopy stuff that holds the two metal pieces together until I pry them apart and expose the impeller. What is this stuff? Some kind of sealant? How do I clean it off and do I need to re-apply it before I replace the impeller and seal up the unit?
  2. @Bigshow thank you for documenting this process so well! I've looked all over Google and YouTube and couldn't find anything helpful until I finally found your article!
  3. I was able to find a super helpful post all about the impeller - thank you @Bigshow!!!! For anyone else looking:
  4. I'm a new owner coming off my first season with this boat and it's been so much fun but I'd like to maintain it as much as possible. I know there are many threads about winterization and I swear I've gone through them but haven't found anything that shows where the impeller is or details how to get to it and replace it? I THINK it's behind the fuel filter somewhere but I'm not sure what the process is to get at it? Can anyone link me to a good article that describes it - hopefully with pictures? Also, I removed 3 drain plugs from the starboard side of the engine and 5 from port (8 total). Did I get them all? One video I watched seemed to suggest that there is a plug on the stern-side of the engine that you can only access by feel. I couldn't find that one? I was able to drain my heater core and ballast system but I also read that I need to drain the V-drive? Thank you for the help!

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