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  1. 06 AVY Upgrades

    Awesome upgrades. Great job on all the work.
  2. I agree with Troy. You will probably want a C4. Better seating and more room for ballast. I would take a really hard look at a boat that has that much stuff replaced. Test drive if at all possible. Chris
  3. Ri245 Questions

    I've been wondering about posts from several new members over the last few weeks. They just seem off. It appears we've been chat gped
  4. I agree with Troy. I've ran 500 pounds of lead the last couple years and its a pain. I have upgraded to a larger bag for the starboard side and the infinity wave system to reduce the amount of weight I've gotta pack and move around. Chris
  5. I got a couple pictures from the engine compartment of the conversion from sideswipe to FAE over the weekend. But my attachment limit is maxed out on here and I cant figure out how to delete old attachments. Theres plenty of room in there with proper planning. Chris
  6. 2007 Avy C4

    Yes, all the things that the other guys said. Plus make sure its actually a C4. I have see non C4's advertised as C4's. If there is a need to do ballast upgrades, prop upgrade, convert sideswipe to fresh air exhaust, etc. These costs can start to add up quickly so make sure they are in your budget. Plus add in boards, life jackets and other accessories. Good luck, and if its not the one be patient, dont force it, the right boat will come along. Chris
  7. Boat Manuals

    Josh, I've got a black scorpion manual, but pretty sure youve got a different engine. There is some stuff in there about the vdrive as well. If you have something specific I could look and see if its relevant. Chris
  8. Matt, Congratulations on the new boat. As far as surge brakes I just take off slow. And I have welded a shim on the ball mount so it doesnt have slop in the receiver. Chris
  9. I'll take some pictures this weekend. Yeah, tons of rain here in western Oregon, snowed on me yesterday. Lake time is definitely delayed from previous years.
  10. Donnie, Obviously different boat, but I did the through hull on my 2006 Avalanche when eliminating the sideswipe, and theres plenty of room back there. I did use bolts instead of the machine screws that they supplied. And due to my poor planning I have to remove a section of the new exhaust in order to change my impeller. I've got a thread on here that has some pictures of it, but only from the outside. I can maybe get engine compartment pictures this weekend. Chris
  11. Troy, Glad you were able to get this figured out. Chris
  12. I did the fake a lake for awhile and got tired of it. Sometimes if enough water drains out of the system the impeller isnt primed and the fake a lake struggles. Heres what I did. You can see the valve to connect the garden hose on between the intake and the vdrive. Ive got a thread on here that has the link to buy the valve. When using the fake a lake I have had to disconnect the water hose from the vdrive, fill with water, reconnect, then hook up fake a lake, this primes the impeller. You might try that. Chris
  13. 2006 Avalanche C4

    Hope its cause your upgrading!!!
  14. 2006 Avalanche C4

    Seattle996, The flushing and strainer setup has been great. Although any lake I've been in has been pretty clean. No leaks, no change in water flow to impeller that I can tell. I wouldve liked to get the strainer before the vdrive but there just wasnt enough room. Makes winterizing and dewinterizing way easier. Chris
  15. 2006 Avalanche C4

    Avy06, Yeah, no other support, its got machine bolts and 3M 5200, its super solid. When your putting everything together on the inside make sure youve got enough room to get to your impeller. I didnt give myself enough and to change my impeller I've got to remove a portion of the exhaust. Ive been real happy with it. Chris

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