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  1. FAE for 06 Avy C4

    Angle grinder with a cutoff wheel. Then smoothed it out and polished it up.
  2. FAE for 06 Avy C4

    I did the same thing. I keep my boat in the marina for 6 months out of the year, and hated carrying the switchblade around all the time. I might be inclined to keep it for special surf days if I was trailering all the time. Beware that the Switchblade plate may be structurally bonded to the hull in addition to the bolted joint. There's a big risk that you can damage the fiberglass (and not just Gel Goat) trying to remove it if it was bonded with permanent adhesive. I opted to just remove everything from the switchblade setup except for the plate. I just cut back the vertical support mounted to the plate to clear the FAE. Should help reduce the spray I was getting from the Switchblade apparatus when it was unused.
  3. FAE for 06 Avy C4

    Yes. Big fiberglass tube.
  4. Leftover 07 Enzo Parts

    Thanks for the heads up. The actuators to switch sides definitely work. I used them all last summer and just took them off the boat. I'll put them up in the Classifieds.
  5. Leftover 07 Enzo Parts

    I'm located in the middle of California. The muffler would definitely be too large to ship, but the other parts are pretty small. Good call though.
  6. I converted my 07 Enzo SV230 to fresh air exhaust, and removed the switchblade at the same time. Because of this, I have the muffler, the corsa exhaust parts with flappers, and 2 Lenco actuators from the switchblade. My question is, are these items worth trying to sell, or should I just trash them? I guess the only value would be from someone with a similar boat that needs to rebuild their stock setup? - Curtis

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