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    Typhoon is the larger Avalanche. Typhoon = 23' 100" beam Avalanche = 22' 100" beam Elite V = 21' 93" beam
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    Did this a few years back on my '03 Avy. I had a heater port and a sub in the footrest. Sawzall around the perimeter. Used styrofoam between the back part of the hump and the steering cables and other junk that was hanging out back there so I didn't cut anything. Built a "bridge" over the hole in the floor with birch that was elevated using some plastic washers so air would flow in there and keep from collecting moisture. Coated the birch in fiberglass resin and think I plastic-dipped in black. Then mounted box with new JL sub onto the "bridge." Later built a section next to it to hold the heater vent. Was very please with the results
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    We are the largest Centurion dealership in the world and haven't had a single customer of ours hydrolock a boat. I have heard it is possible to hydrolock one if you are just running stock ballast, but I imagine we would have seen it if that were the case. Every hydrolock issue I have heard of is from guys running additional weight AND having people sitting at the transom which sinks it even deeper in the water. If you aren't running additional lead you shouldn't have a problem, though I wouldn't let the boat sit for a couple hours fully ballasted. If you are running lead it's simple - just dump Ramfill or PNP at the rear before going swimming and you will be fine. Welcome to the only downside to a boat that can pack 5,000+ lbs of ballast.

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