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    Buying a Malibu over a 257??? Come on, let’s not make any bad decisions here.
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    Infinity surf tabs are da bomb. You may need an A-plate to clean up the goofy side (Infinity can build/sell you an A-plate or double wing plate)...but also having some list helps clean up the wave face whether you are running suckgate or surf tabs. Not talking a full on list, just couple hundred difference which can be done using people sitting on surf side, lead biased to that side, etc. On my Enzo, I use my Ramfill to list approx 250lbs on reg side and more like 400lbs on goofy side due to prop rotation.
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    VERY easy to clean. Roll it up and toss it out of the boat, then use hose to spray it off. Sometimes I will use a car brush with some soap to clean/scrub each side before hosing it off. Mine still looks brand new on my 2014 as well, very durable flooring. I also really like that any dirt goes to the bottom and the flooring looks clean even when its technically not. If you drop a towel/etc on it, wont get wet/dirty.

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