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    I’ll try fuel additives the boat is on the lake With fifty gallons of bad gas In it what additives do you like best ill try to run it till empty without making any corners thank you for the help
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    First, a Nit ... 2014 was the FX44. 2015 and 2016 was the FS44. As for your issue, it sounds to me like you have water in your gas and when loaded and turning, the intake pulled only water and killed the boat. I would either try the full additives or completely drain your tank and make sure you get all of the water out before refilling.
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    I have. The boat ran great with the 15 inch prop but has been a dog since Centurion put the plate on which limited the clearance. The 14 inch prop regardless of pitch just does not have the same bite, so its puts the engine (XR550) outside of its torque band. I tried multiple props with Acme, and we could never get it closer than current one. The actual shim is just 8 bots for the strut and then the four engine mounts to align. It actually doesn't look like it will be overly difficult. The hardest part will be reaching the nuts under the engine for the strut bolts. The routing to recess the plate will be slow just to make sure I do not get outside of my footprint for the plate. Since the engine alignment has not been checked since the 25 hour inspection, it probably needs an alignment anyway.
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    On my 2015 FS44, my boat came from the factory with a 15” prop. The boat performed awesomely with that prop until the end of the first season and I noticed significant Gelcoat burn. Centurion put a 3/16 Inch steel pate on the boat which only allows a 14” prop. The last 4 seasons have been very frustrating performance wise. I am about to make some adjustments to get back to a larger prop. I took measurements and have sufficient motor mount adjustments to ship the prop shaft strut to gain some back. By my calculations, I have enough clearance in the prop shaft log to change the prop shaft angle 1 degree after engine alignment. On the FS44 there is a recess where the strut anchors. I am having a Stainless plate (~7-5/8 x 3-5/8) made to sit in the recess that has a 1 degree taper across the plate (bow to stern) which is a little over ⅛ inch on the long side. This will align the strut bearings with the new prop shaft angle. Additionally, I am going to remove and reinstall the steel plate the way the factory should have done it - by recessing it into the fiberglass. Between the shim and the recessed plate, I should gain nearly an inch of clearance on the prop. I’m hoping to get to a 16 inch prop size, but may have to settle for a 15.5 inch after everything is secured. I know that a 15 worked great, so anything larger will be even better. I will document this with some pictures and discussion once I get it complete (hopefully by mid-July).
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    go to the engine diagnostics screen on your dash (one to lower right). Check for which code is thrown. Some will continue to alert until cleared. To clear you either need the Diacom software or take it to a dealer. Some codes will clear themselves after a few power cycles, but many require the ECM to be cleared.
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    I am not aware of a faulty impeller having the ability to trigger an alarm but maybe the newer boats will monitor water pressure. You mentioned you have not had a complete overheat so does that mean the engine temperature increasing when the alarm sounds? If the engine is getting warmer, then change the impeller and see what happens. If the temp continues to misbeahve make sure you have not sucked up something via the water intake so check the water strainer. If you don't have one I believe the next area to check is leading into the vdrive.
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    https://www.boardco.com/centurion-strut-stsl16 I think I found it.
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    Looks like STSL 16 to me (I think if it was an 8, it would be rounder. You may have more...and much faster responses for a technical question like this on the Centurion/Supreme FB page. Lot of activity over there
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    Thanks for the feedback. Makes me feel a little better. I reached out to a few other locations (not local) and got 85k (price I was thinking was fair) at both but with shipping I'm getting close to the 89k. I'm just going for it and hope that when I need them for service or future sales that they'll take care of me. I do get a discount at their shop for a few months so I'll take advantage of that as much as possible. Taking her out for maiden voyage tomorrow.
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    And I do get that you are talking the angle of the prop shaft to the hull, which is currently 16 degrees, and with my shift will be 17 degrees which may raise the nose slightly under thrust. I can say that the larger prop gives more rise on the rear (I had to add 250 pounds to the nose when switched to the 14 inch prop just due to prop change) so I’m hoping that with a 15.5 or 16 inch prop the rear lift will counteract the change in thrust angle of 1 degree.
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    C4 is wrap around seating, no sundeck walk through. Lightning is the model Storm is the level of options. Had storm 1, 2 and 3 I think.
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    I am glad you are having a good time and hate to rain on the parade too hard but I would get a look at that impeller. They are not all that expensive and if it comes apart and shoots rubber chunks all inside your motor you are going to wish you had spent the hour or so and the $40 even if for just the piece of mine.
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