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    Just picked this up, works quite well. I can grab my drink or put it down without taking my eyes off the lake ahead. Heavy enough it doesn’t move around even over most waves. Called the beverage bandit.
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    The BEST boat is the one that is paid for. I have an 07 Avy and love it. You can do everything with it. Yea, you can spend 3x as much for a new boat with all the bells and whistles, but your money may be better spent else where. Yea, I drool at the new boats, them remember mine is paid for and maintenance costs are not that much. We surf and board just fine behind our boat.
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    Here’s a 19! Love it! Would definitely recommend a Centurion!
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    Hi gang: My wife loves to waterski. So, when I saw an inexpensive, older ski boat for sale locally (in Santa Maria, CA), I jumped on it. We love the boat, but there is precious little information about these older boats in the interwebs. So, I am always looking for history/documentation on Centurion and our boat. Centurion had a history page up for a while, but they seem to have take in down. Ours is a 1983 and has an OMC 350. 425 hours on it when we bought it. We have put another 50 hours on it. The PO had replaced the prop shaft, stuffing box, and propeller. I had to go through the carb, replace a small section of the floor, replace the helm and steering cable, replace the alternator, do a tune up, and mess with the carb (ad nauseum). The carb is a Quadrajet. We finally got it dialed in where it makes good power but does not just guzzle the gas. It has a paint/color scheme that seems like a throwback to everything that was bad about Disco. It is an odd combination of tan, black, burnt orange and brown. It is so dated that it is cool again. My wife loves to ski behind it. We took some other skiers out who also liked skiing behind it. We get comments every time we take it out. Anyway, we have had the boat for a few years now and ski on the Sac River Delta. Just happened to run across this forum and thought I would join and contribute. Having a blast with our "Ski" Centurion... Bill Here are a few pics:
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    I just picked this 82 trutrac up! love the old school boats!
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    If there is one thing I have learned this summer, is that you can still get a hell of a wake/wave out of older boats. I have an 09 Centurion Elite V with no frills but perfect pass and a 250 hard tank ballast in the center of the boat that came stock. There are so many aftermarket upgrades that are available now that were not when I got my boat back in 2010. I have used aftermarket ballast and wakeshapers to get my surf wave dialed in really well. You can replace trim plates with A-plates that do wonders for the goofy surf wave that can either be made r purchased. Trim tabs are also available for level weighted surfing like newer boats. All of this to say, as long as the hull shape is tried and true such as an avy/enzo, much of the technology can be added to your older platform that are reasonably affordable compared to purchasing a 100K plus boat.
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    Solid interior. As long as the floor and stringers are secure, I’d say it’s a solid buy.
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    I'm looking at purchasing this 1986 Ski Centurion Trutrac for $4,000. Any thoughts on the price? I'm thinking it's a fair deal.
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    1. 2016 S211 2. Regular 3. Bow:0 4. QF port: 100% 5. QF starboard: 100% 6. PnP port stock bag: 100% 7. PnP Starboard: 0% 8. Three people about 180 average pounds no extra ballast or lead. 9. Crew was positioned in center to port side of the boat. 10. Both quicksurf tabs were all the way up. 11. Stinger tab was at 50 Very impressed with the 211 and didn't see much info on here for the boat yet. Also water temp 48 air temp 58 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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