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    Last week at the lake, so much fun and the wetsounds cooler bumps for hours on a single charge.
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    The 2010 SV240 Enzo we own has a 409 PCM that is closed cooled. A closed cooled engine is based around a heat exchanger. The is the heart of the closed cooling system. It uses water brought in from the raw water pump to act as coolant for the engines circulating coolant. The circulating coolant runs in a closed loop through the engine and exhaust manifolds. The heat exchanger acts same as a radiator does in an automobile. Rather than air the raw water is used for cooling the circulating coolant. The raw water is brought in an pumped through the heat exchanger, they absorb and exchange the heat from the circulating water surrounding them and will exit the heat exchanger towards the exhaust risers to be dumped overboard. The hot circulating water runs thru the heat exchanger on different lines exchanging its heat thru the cooling tubes and exiting the heat exchanger back towards the circulating pump and the block.
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    Hey Timr71, beautiful boat I see it around on other fourms that we both belong to. I have a 98 ski centurion elite with the 350MPI motor. It has been a great boat and I have no complaints. Wish I could post some pictures.
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    Ive got a '17. I have had my best luck from filling everything. The 238 loves weight, a 226 you can get away with not filling as much but the 238 is a huge boat and needs weight to sink it in the water. Surf tab i run between 65-80, trim tab start at 0 and increase it until the wave cleans up which will vary with the amount of people in the boat. I cant comment on the dash The bags in my '17 have their separate pumps, i cannot confirm on your '16 but they should be separate.
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    More pics a friend sent from our trip. I gotta do more long trips.
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    I was going to do it in my 238 but my dealer NWBS said I needed to increase the size of wire going to the pumps so I just sold the boat and bought a new one LOL
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    Ive noticed the same problem with bumping the Red Button. I ended up 3D printing a thicker lanyard piece to eliminate the little bit of play the stock one has. Problem solved
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    Agreed with above. Get your prop fixed.
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    I'm a big boy and it took me a minute to figure it out...and I have been ocean surfing since I can remember so like 40+ years. The board makes a difference, I can surf a red rocket inland surfer behind most anything, but the board is so locked in I don't always love it. I can also surf one of those hyperlite landlocks pretty easy and it is a little looser. get a board for your size if you don't already have one as suggested above. I like the surfgate deal because I am goofy and many of my friends are regular....mine is just a homemade for like $25 out of a cutting board, a suction cup glass handler, and a couple shelf brackets, I put a leash on it too. It works well and I was unable to ride ropeless even with my boat pretty heavily listed until I attached this thing. Now we weight evenly and just swap the ghetto gate. I think the biggest thing was technique and finding the wave...it's like a different angle than you think and for me I pretty much have to pump, if I just try to stand there the boat has to be going so slow, the wall is then huge but the pocket so short that really it is quite boring. I'd go with a gate, get a bigger board and just keep experimenting. I tried a surfboard that I surf with and still couldn't catch the wave. My surfboard had too much rocker so it didn't plane out right, wakesurfers are really flat with just a rock up at the nose. I'm thinking I am going to shape my own out of one of my old longboards I snapped the nose off on. I want something shorter, thick with short skags for spinning...just keep experimenting you will get it. I was the last one in my whole group to figure it out which sucks when you are the one that owns the boat. Driver makes a difference as well.

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