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    Newbie to the page! 1994 Ski Centurion LaPoint Tru Trac. PCM 351 Pro-Tec. The Cadillac of ski boats 26 years ago.
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    Didn't happen unless there is pictures! lets see the new ride!
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    I did it! Got a really good deal on the new one and the trade-in. Can't wait to get it in the water. Thanks for the responses!
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    If money is no issue why not? I will honestly say though I have a 2013 SV and the wave is money, for me the money is an issue so I keep an already great wave. IF I had the spare 180k I would absolutely get a new boat simply because I'm an engineer and a sucker for the new tech.
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    you will love the new one. Just easier to get the wave. If you can swing the added cost, don't look back and go new. My $.02
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