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    Yep I went to the same event and now have a shiny new Fi25 sitting in my shop. Love this boat
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    Nice speaking with you Nick, just to update others... our unit is mounted tucked away under the platform above the waters running surface. So zero effect on wake and boat performance while underway.
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    I'd go over to wakegarage, it's a site for the do it your selfer type guy. There are a lot of guys who have made slapper kits, and a few who have done the trim tab route. There are also a bunch of home grown wake plates, one guy has one with the exhaust in it. Even if you don't see exactly what you are thinking it's a good place to spitball your ideas and get feedback. It isn't brand specific and there is no My boat is bigger than your boat stuff. Mostly guys with slightly older boats doing home brew projects to try to get something comparable to the newer boats. also good info on boat maintenance etc. for the do it your self guy. I don't own the site, I don't get a commission, the site is free and I am not trying to down talk this site, I love it here, but for the projects I think that's the place.
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    If you're just talking about the engine oil, it's basically the same as a car except easier because the remote oil filter is a lot easier to get to. Personally with warm engine I just pull the drain plug on the stern and run the oil drain tube out the drain hole then over the side of the wake plate and into a bucket. 15w-40 is recommended and I won't get into the brand name oil wars, but FWIW I use Rotella.

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