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    I posted this on the CC FB page and will post it over at Wake World as well. I don't work for Liquid Lumens. This is purely a review about a product that I think is great. I hit Powell every year with friends that use underwater lights in the evenings for various purposes. Some are good/great (Lifeform, Lumitec, OceanLED, Shadowcaster etc...) and some aren't (drain plug lights and the cheapies off AliExpress). I've been jonesing for a set for several years but couldn't quite bring myself to pull the trigger. Two years ago at the Utah Boat Show I ran into a new company called Liquid Lumens. They had a new take on the underwater light that they state was industry leading. Their offerings at that time were a little more than I wanted to spend so I put off a purchase. Over the winter I'd decided to go with one of their competitors because of price but decided to wait until after the boat show to see what else was out there. I checked up on the Liquid Lumens guys while I was there and they convinced me to give their lights a whirl and gave me a boat show price that I considered a good value on their flagship Pipeline model. It didn't hurt that they were a local company. I picked up my lights at their facility and checked out some of the new things on which they are working. Cool stuff! The light install was easy. The instructions were simple and the wires and connections were easy to identify. They use a special external power supply to raise the voltage of the system. I was a little concerned that doing this might use too much power and cause issues with other accessories. That was not the case and everything worked great. The templates provided made installing the actual lights a breeze. I only got to test the lights out for one night while down at Powell last week but I was so stunned at the output that I forgot to take any pics or video. I either hung my head off the back of the boat marveling at their brightness or I drove around at surf and wakeboard speeds stunned at how far back they lit up the wake. Seriously, the effect was amazing. Several people watched from the top of the houseboat and they couldn't believe how great they were either. I'm convinced that the Pipeline's are as good of an underwater light as you will get and the extra dollars you spend to get them is worth it. Sorry I do not have pics or video, I'll rectify that next time I go back. I was so happy I just decided to write a blurb on my favorite wake boat sites anyway. One more thing about their customer service. I ordered a switch from my local Centurion dealer that fit in a spare slot and had to figure out how to wire it up so that it would light up like the other switches. This makes things a little more complex than wiring to a simple on/off switch. I called LL and they were willing to walk me through the process. In fact, they even offered to come by and help with that part of the wiring. Fortunately I figured it out and they didn't have to come over. I'm appreciate their willingness to go the extra mile.
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    Finally took some pics of the vents after the new clear while I was out this weekend. Real happy with the results. Might be hard to see in the pics, but any areas that might have been slightly blurred are completely clear now. Also, the OEM clear seemed to have a little yellow tint to it. The new automotive grade clear is crystal - no tint ... almost of hint of blue which matches my boat even better. More likely is that the clear is picking up the hue of the gel coat that the OEM clear didn't. Anyway, very happy with the results. Just a pain to remove, sand, clear and remount. The real test is how long it stays like that.
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    Figured I would get it started for June, had an awesome evening on the lake surfing today with a couple friends...perfect conditions and we all got a good 4-5 sets in. Just before we came in one of the guys snapped this pic with sunset in background. Thot it looked cool, and one of these days I will start getting some real air, I get better every month. I know most of you guys must be out playing by now, even our Northern brothers!
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    I don't know on your specific boat, but on my SV244, the #1433 or #1847 is perfect. Both props are 14x14.25....just different cup on the 2 props (.105 vs .105). I get all the low end torque I need/want....and still get 40mph at WOT @ 5600rpm.
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    I installed them before last week's Powell trip. I also could not be happier. It's not silent but it's definitely better. I don't have to crank the speakers as much nor do I have to yell to speak.
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    We talked about this in the "Older Centurion" thread. Do you have a Tru-Trac or a Falcon? If yes, post a pic or multiple pics of it here. Have a good work around or modification, post it here. Questions? Post them here. I have some old brochures, I'll post them up this evening. Here's a pic of my 1993 open bow Falcon.
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    Over the winter I dropped my truck with new wheels. 2.5 in the front and 3.5 in the rear.
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    Cans - I'm guessing 3-4 cans.The coats are real thin, but you can put down several coats per can ... depending on how wide you overspray. Tape - I looked around a lot and settled on T.R.U. DC-PEF12P Black Double Coated Window Glazing Tape: 1/8 in. thick x 1/2 in. wide. Wide operating temp range. Worked fine. Was looking for something with more rubber in it, but couldn't find it. I would use this tape again on it. OEM clear - talking about the clear that came from the factory.
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    I think ultimately more weight probably = bigger wave but if I can keep replicating the wave I have now, I think I can be fairly happy. It’s about as tall as my loaded listed wave and has good push back 20 to 25 foot. If I can ditch the near 1k in lead, the boat becomes easier to tow. The fact is I want an Ri wave but thats not going to happen out of my 5 yr old “value” surf boat. If I can get close and the wave is easy to achieve, I’ll consider that a win. Plus I only have 50k invested!
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    It is fair to say though, that the comparison was done with the oval SCM-10. The SCR-24 would be a great comparison to see. The SCR-24 is more then 2x the 12V current draw of the SCM-10 @ 7.5A. Also want to note that Liquid Lumens now offers a more budget friendly light, the Skinny Dip. A pair of Skinny Dip and power kit are right in line with Seablaze-X and Lifeform 9, but a little brighter.
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    The wave is far better than rider still, I sure try like hell tho . I managed to lose my "floating" sunglasses that evening, even with band on, I was trying some transfers and I bite it pretty hard (feet out from under me cause I transferred over too early) and force of water jerked them off and away before I could grab them. I learned an important lesson tho....even if sunglasses float, if they are all black and float, band up (also black), tough luck trying to find them. Thot I was safe, been surfing with them on at least 20 times this year so far, gonna tie an orange ribbon on my other pair so I don't lose them too if they get ripped off with hat kindof force again. So pumped! Weds morning I take my boat to Lake Norris, TN and will be there surfing with a large group of boats/people till Sun morning, been looking forward to this trip since like Dec, finally almost here!!
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    Hey @Stretch where you been? What a blast from the past! Looking at this thread brings back memories and funny seeing my avalanche before all the mods I did to it and my truck was new back then. Heres the best pic of the same truck and newer boat I got last year, guess it’s time for a new truck now lol
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    another idea would be replace them with thin plexi glass and back light with led's
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    93 falcon and my neighbor has a 92 falcon
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    pics of our 84 tru trac from back in the day
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    well I guess I'm at about 1000+hp. and 1500+ tq. my Ram Diesel has a 200hp tune also adds 400tq. that as last June when we picked her up. tsunami season is almost here!
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    Older post but figured I would share a pic of my ride. The MB is a great dog, kid, boat hauler.

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