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    Mine is a 2019 450, not a ZR409, but the same 6.0L block. Mine takes 5 quarts. It wouldn't be a terrible idea to fill with 4.5 quarts and take the extra 1/2 quart out with you next time you take the boat out. On the water is the most accurate reading...
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    I have never used antifreeze, but then again I lived in CA and now live in AZ. If I were in NW Montana, I would use antifreeze just for peace of mind. Look into something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Camco-Winterizer-Winterize-Preparation-65501/dp/B0000AXQU2
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    Hey Cliff, There is no wood in a 2005 Enzo. It is full fiberglass construction.
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    Able to check another small item off the list last night. Was having trouble getting the oil changed, no matter what I tried couldnt get the siphon tube down the dip stick tube. Finally figured out that the threads at the top of the dipstick fit a garden hose. Heres what I came up with, couple pumps and the oil started flowing. And after changing the filter a remote filter looks really appealing. Man what a pain. Used a couple plastic bags and was able to catch all the oil though, so no mess.

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