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    Are you thinking about Perfect Pass Stargazer? For sure go with the Stargazer edition for the GPS speed. Your Faria multi gauge is going to go out any day now. Most have not lasted as long as yours has. Going GPS makes it super accurate and makes you not have to rely on your paddle wheel and gauges that are known problem children in these older models. The install is pretty easy. It did it for my 03 Avy. Several hours of work. The support staff at PP was awesome. Do it. PP is a game changer and a marriage saver!
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    Thanks! Prolly going to drain and fill with RV antifreeze, then do the oil and all filters in march..
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    I think that prop will do well too. I mentioned WOT cause you can over rev with some props, I am sure you know all this tho. I almost never go over 25-30 either when cruising to my surf spot, etc... but always test the WOT when I get a new prop to be sure it falls in the correct range so I know, doubt there would be any issues with that prop tho, especially with ACME recommending it since they usually recommend based on data they have. If surf rpm is 2800-2900, that is really low and very efficient already, don't think the older engines had issues with rpm running so low that the engine was "lugging" and when you list, its more efficient anyway cause you do not have as much drag. Good luck with the prop!
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    I'd say go with what Jim is telling you. I talked to him a season or so ago and followed his recommendation. It made a big difference for my boat and set up. Jim knows his stuff!
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    The factory 497 you have been using is 13 dia x 17.75 pitch with .105 cup (pretty good to have a prop for 8yrs without dinging it) and the 1631 is 13.5 x 14.25 with .150 cup. Seems to me that the new prop will drop your rpms for sure, since you are increasing diameter by 1/2" and changing pitch to less revolutions. I think as long as your motor has the power, anytime you can get a little more diameter is a good thing since you are increasing the surface area that can "bite" into the water...Sounds like your low end has been good with the factory prop, what rpm is your boat running at surf speed? Running empty at WOT, what is your top speed and rpm? From what I know about props, my guess is this prop will reduce rpm by around 300rpm. This prop will give you a bit less low end grunt , but it should hold your surf speed better and will increase top end, I know top end does not matter but if you had more low end than you needed before, the boat should run more efficiently. I run both, 14 X 14.25 #1847 & #1633 props on my SV244, they are same size props with different cup (.105 vs .150) and I don't notice much difference between the 2 props except slightly lower rpm at surf speed with the .150 cup. Its a bigger boat than the C4 and I run over double the ballast you listed, both props do great for me both for low end torque and top end, so cannot imagine that prop wont do well for you on surfing since you are not at high elevation (assume "DFW" means you are in TX) and don't run a ton of weight. If you buy from ACME, they will swap the prop for another if you don't like it for some reason and you just pay the shipping charges. You pay a bit more, but it could be worth it if you are not sure. JT Nettles Prop in Austin, TX both sells and repairs props for the best prices I have found and when you buy a new prop you get a $50 coupon for a pop repair so if your other prop is slightly damaged, you will have a spare.
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    WOW! Other than the hard tanks, I'd say you've done a bang up job on the mods! Keep us posted on the Sideswipe baffles for sure! And ... ditch those hard tanks and get Enzo sacks. You'll be glad you did! What's this about an enclosure for them??? The only thing you should need to do is reinforce the locker/engine dividers. And that's even negligible.

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