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    Last week at the lake, so much fun and the wetsounds cooler bumps for hours on a single charge.
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    You could probably do all the mods you want to your boat with the money you will spend on sales taxes buying a new boat. I say keep it and make it the best avalanche you can. Why? timeless look. no screens. No problems. additional pumps and setup can be done for not a lot of money. same for stereo. you can add seadek proven hull and layout cost to use ratio seems off. If you used it a lot, newer boat conveniences are nice, but for the number of times you use it, that's a lot of money. I love my 2005 Lightning C4 when I am 225 pounds and have plenty of push on my goofy wave. Spend the time to dial in your wave and you will be thoroughly impressed. You're boat puts out a better wave than mine!
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    Im out on cedar creek in my Fi23 most weekends. have not seen you on your Ri. Wonder where you are surfing at? I've put 100 hours on it since March and have had an issue with Freedom service but they have made it right and Jayson is great. I'd say if you are putting those kind of hours on the boat you are not doing too bad. Buxton and the long cove guys are anything but perfect and you are going to be paying a premium on that boat for what they say will be premium service but you'll just have to see how that plays out over time. If you like the centurion brand i wouldnt be leaving. Dallas has got to be one of their fastest growing markets if not the fastest growing market, and would have the potential to be the biggest market for them id imagine. No chance Freedom does not get their act together on the service side. Too much money on the table to be lost if they do not. Centurions are putting the best waves out right now and that isnt looking like its changing here anytime soon. Boating can be frustrating at times and nobody wants their 100k plus toys to be sitting still when finding the time to use them can be so difficult as is. Hope it works out for you and hope you are talking this through with Jayson. I've found him to be super helpful when Freedom's service let me down.
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    Way to stick it to centurion buy buying a nautique! You know they are owned by the same company. Troll much?
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    I could play Devils advocate with this one all day. You can make your Avy a really solid surf boat for minimal cash same with stereo. You could buy a new boat that has it all and just enjoy it. Usage vs Cost....It's totally up to you. I love my Avy and think my goofy wave is better than my regular wave. If I ever buy another boat it will probably be my grandpa boat...which I hope I never do and surf when I'm 80. My Avy surfs better than any other boat I have been on, I think some of these boats could be better than mine but they don't have the formula down the way we do for how we like our wave. That said if I won the Lotto I would buy a new boat in a minute, but our season is only 3-4 months so the Avy gets it done at a great cost to smile ratio. I upgraded the stereo, did a seadeck style floor, some ballast work, a prop and it works pretty good.
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    Love it! I honestly love everything about the boat. We first road the boat with 250 pounds of lead in each rear locker under the pnps. The wave was good with that: really tall, but kind of short, which it probably should have then. Then we went back to the slip and also added 200 pounds in the side lockers, going from the rear pnp bags and forward. (This was all of the lead I had onhand.). The wave with this is just about spot on. The wave is still super tall, but much, much longer, and as clean as can be. The biggest difference in this wave and the Malibu wave is the firmness. My wife was able to get baby airs on the M235, but she, just after two days on the Centurion, is getting about 1-1.5 feet in the air on her frontside airs! In addition, I can literally ride this wave way back at the curl, with plenty of push. I am going to order some more lead just to see what else can be done to this wave, but I don't think 26 bags are needed. I am thinking like 50 more in each side locker, maybe 100 lbs under the driver's seat and passengers seat, and 200 pounds under the rear transom bag. If it's too much, I can always take it out. My wife and I generally ride with just the two of us on the boat, so I want all the weight I can have. This is honestly the first boat I have ever bought that I am completely happy with. Really, the other boat manufacturers aren't even close! I guess if I could say there was one thing I missed from the other boats I've owned, it's the dang hinges on the lockers. That's it!
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    Hmmm, maybe I was just unlucky and received a defective part then. I can now say with certainty that the issue was in fact the idle air valve. I installed the new OEM Mercruiser part last night, and it completely resolved the idle issue. Boat runs great now! As a note for anyone else that goes to change their air idle valve, removing the air intake plenum (black cover with the scorpion logo on it) requires you to remove 2 nuts that are hidden beneath towards the rear of the engine. I had figured just the 6 torx bolts on top would do it, and it took me a while to find the other two nuts. They are a pain to get at!
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    Thanks for passing on the boat...I love it!
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    Bought the Fi23 after demo yesterday. I’m speechless. The boat is simple to operate, stunning to look at and a smooth operator in every way. Gone are the days of taking 1/2 day to dial in a wave and 10 minutes to get the Bimini top up. I can’t say enough about this boat. Thanks for all the advice.
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    The 2010 SV240 Enzo we own has a 409 PCM that is closed cooled. A closed cooled engine is based around a heat exchanger. The is the heart of the closed cooling system. It uses water brought in from the raw water pump to act as coolant for the engines circulating coolant. The circulating coolant runs in a closed loop through the engine and exhaust manifolds. The heat exchanger acts same as a radiator does in an automobile. Rather than air the raw water is used for cooling the circulating coolant. The raw water is brought in an pumped through the heat exchanger, they absorb and exchange the heat from the circulating water surrounding them and will exit the heat exchanger towards the exhaust risers to be dumped overboard. The hot circulating water runs thru the heat exchanger on different lines exchanging its heat thru the cooling tubes and exiting the heat exchanger back towards the circulating pump and the block.
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    Ive got a '17. I have had my best luck from filling everything. The 238 loves weight, a 226 you can get away with not filling as much but the 238 is a huge boat and needs weight to sink it in the water. Surf tab i run between 65-80, trim tab start at 0 and increase it until the wave cleans up which will vary with the amount of people in the boat. I cant comment on the dash The bags in my '17 have their separate pumps, i cannot confirm on your '16 but they should be separate.
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    More pics a friend sent from our trip. I gotta do more long trips.
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    Ive noticed the same problem with bumping the Red Button. I ended up 3D printing a thicker lanyard piece to eliminate the little bit of play the stock one has. Problem solved
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    Agreed with above. Get your prop fixed.
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    Yes just the slightest nick or bend will cause vibration. Quit using the boat tell you get a new prop or get the one you have fixed
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    Okay, this is going to sound ridiculous but it's true. I had the exact problem with my 2017 s238 and discovered a few others having the same problem. What we found is that the safety lanyard at the base of the throttle is SUPER sensitive to being bumped so when I was towing a goofy side rider with my body twisted to the right or came off throttle I would hit that switch VERY lightly with my knee/leg and everything would die. It was happening while towing and I had people run into the boat! Cwazy also had this problem and we both modified the safety lanyards on our boats so it couldn't be bumped. It has never happened again.
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    My bad. Platform just looked low to me. Mine appears to sit a bit higher but I found this pic which looks closer to yours
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    Ahh, didn't know they were trying to get into boat repairs. They definitely got the right man for the job then
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    Hey everyone I just joined on here and wanted to say hello to everyone I have actually been on here a few times and decided to join in on the fun I have a 2004 elite v I bought last year and love it I hope to get to know y’all and see some out on the water around Atl
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    Mine has done it a couple times if I slam to neutral from While surfing. It feels more like the fuel pump cuts the fuel totally off but it starts right up after that. Doesn’t help but at least you’re not completely alone
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    System continues to work great. I did end up re-propping. Talked to Nettles and they recommended going to the Acme 1617. I had the 1847. Only a couple clicks lower on the RPM gauge but a noticeable improvement in handling the weight and maintaining speed. Also used their Weekend Saver C-clamp prop puller. It was super easy, never pulled a prop before but worked as advertised and essentially stress free.
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    How in the world do you get picture sizes small enough to attach on this forum?
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    My ramfill is full by 65% if you ride on a river make sure you fill going against the current. When trying to fill going with the current we have to hit override and it takes longer than filling going against
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    You can’t change the timer for the ram fill just press fill again and it will override for 15 second you can keep doing that as many times as you want until you see water coming out the side ram fill vent. You should only have to override once and usually don’t even have to do that if you are doing the 15mph max fill speed, older software let you fill up to 20mph
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    SkiSafe has the cheapest rates I have found. I also had to use them once, and I can say they were very easy to work with, and my rates did not go up much even after the claim and new engine...I used progressive before that, and did not have any problems with them, but never had a claim. I switched to SkiSafe based on the recommendations on this forum, and boy was I glad I did.
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    Upgrade the avy would be my vote. But all comes down to personal situation. If money wasn’t a issue I would be going new. For 10 tines a year the upgraded avy should do the trick for you. You won’t get all the money back that you put into in upgrades at the time you go to sell but the avy won’t depreciate much more if any. Not sure on a new boat some will hold their values ok but definitely not like the older deep v boats. But then again going new that isn’t a concern because money shouldn’t be the issue. Interested to see what you do.
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    I absolutely love reading these threads. There are great arguments for both sides and either one makes for a compelling argument. I'm a huge advocate for the refinishing of the boat you currently own. Remove those stock tanks, plumb in some 1100lb sacs in the v drive lockers, grab a suck gate, and make an appointment for the dentist because your jaw will drop. Seeing an old beauty throw a nasty curl in my opinion is a force to be reckoned with with all the new boats out there. That being said, who doesn't like new? Flashy, new tech, easy wave set up. They are incredible machines and make setting up a great wave a breeze. Plus they look amazing in the water. However with your situation (riding 10 times a year) I'd keep what you have, throw on some upgrades, and watch how far that gets you. Lots of awesome people on this site have solid DIY projects on their boats and their results speak for themselves. But at the end of the day, it's your cash so you do what ever makes you happy my friend! Just threw some pictures of our old 06 avys wave for giggles. Viva la shred.
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    If you only use the boat 10 times a year, probably better to just put a little money into what you have, so you have what you are looking for and not have a payment for every time you use it, the Avy is a badass boat....you could add a GSA surf system if you wanted automated surf system, but a $250 Nauticurl suck gate will get you just as good a wave (I use one on my 2014). Add reversible pumps, max out your hidden ballast bags, add 500lbs of lead and you will have a wave that is 90% of what new boats put out. If you do upgrade....buy a leftover, or a well taken care of used boat (wait till off-season to get best price and sell yours now, or once season hits next summer to minimize the Delta). On used/leftover, the biggest depreciation hit has already been taken and you get all the upgrades you want and then some.... and they are holding value pretty well considering its a toy that no one "needs".... (Quick surf system in 2015 when they came out sucks, tabs are too small). Ramfill is awesome, quickest ballast possible, it was an option from 2014+.
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    Just got this today, perfect timing for our week long lake trip!
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    just list the boat to the goofy side so its level........ If anyone asks if its crooked tell them theyre just drunk and to sit down
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    Hello. First post but been lurking for a while. A 2006 Centurion Avalanche C4 just came up for sale in my area and it's real low hours. under 200. I'm new to surf boats but had this boat on my short list. just wondering if there is anything in particular I should look out for or things to avoid about this boat? From the pics and video it looks real clean and well taken care of. Love the site by the way. Thanks in advance
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    Happy wife! Kim taking her turn:
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    Like the green. Loved the blue of the Chattanooga one more actually! But the green is growing on me
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    July is almost gone. <sniff>
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    The ROI on the M235 is not that good at all. Thankfully, when I bought it last year, I got a good enough deal on it that I didn't just completely get burned last week when I traded it in on the RI257. I sure lost more than 7.5 percent though! That is an amazing resale price @Darkside
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    Delivered 7/20/18... Fi21
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    @scottgresham sorry my exuberiance got away from me!! I hope yours turned out well for you! My malibu dealer offered me their '16 m235 that they all used and put 80 hrs on it and I was not impressed with their bottom dollar.
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    I used it for 220 hours over 16 months and recovered 92.5% of purchase price! So i would say that's decent.
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    UPDATE: I just got my Fi21 yesterday. The 18" wheels add 3" to the height. So, the actual height of the tower when folded (and bimini frame detached and folded back) is 8'6". My modified garage door opening is 8'7" !! Whew - that was close... Now I need to get some knobs to release the bimini frame easier. It's a pain - but I really like the Fi21. It's a monster compared to my 2012 Malibu VLX. Just massive. Over a thousand pounds heavier and so tall. I am getting a longer surf wave (I'm guessing about 5-6' longer just from today's first 5 hours on the boat).
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    Just back from Powell and though I would post an update. First and foremost, thank you for all of the great advice. We filled the 350 stock port tank and the 1100lb bag in the rear locker for the regular side. One big difference was getting the top bag vent to the front of the boat when filling and making sure we had all air out of the bag when it filled. I have a feeling that I had a LOT of air filling the bag last trip. The bag was full of water this time out. I think I had the vent at the back last time and as the bag filled the back would sink the boat making it impossible to fill it completely due to trapped air with no way to escape. Having the vent to the front caused it to be at the highest point as the bag filled. I also realized I did not have the bag situated as far back as it could go in the locker last time. This time I had it all the way back. Thanks to the advice given here, I was able to get the Nauticurl to stick. Not without significant effort but I got it to stick. I had to play around with it to get it far enough back. Having it back did make a difference. Did the opposite for the goofy side. No front weight. End result, excellent wave. We were all able to ride ropeless and had nice waves to cut back on. Wave was big and had good push. We could get back in the pocket when we got too far back. Goofy wave is only slightly less impressive than the regular wave but that is really splitting hairs. I may try the Aplate at some point in the future but totally satisfied for now. Thanks again for all the great advice.
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    I have not. Centurions don’t seem to be big up here in DFW. Malibu and Nautique have tons of marketshare here, but I see that changing. I’m at Lewisville, and I did get it from Jay Tee. He is awesome, and extremely knowledgeable!
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    Covers - Here's 3 options: 1. Go to http://www.skiboatcovers.com/ and work with them. They will get you something for sure. 2. Go to ebay and type in Centurion Boat Covers and see what pops up. You may have to determine the dimensions of you boat and then compare that to the dimensions of a newer boat to find one. For example: This one might work for you...price is right: https://www.ebay.com/itm/BLUE-BOAT-COVER-FOR-CENTURION-LAPOINT-TRU-TRAC-1994-1995/281978304614?hash=item41a7377866%3Ag%3A~00AAOSwLpdW84lr&_sacat=0&_nkw=centurion+boat+cover&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1311.R1.TR1.TRC0.A0.H0.XCenturion+cover.TRS0 3. I needed a cover in a hurry, in fact I needed two covers. I needed a heavy duty tow-able type cover and a mooring cover. Towable has a series of straps that hold it down, this is what I put on the boat in the driveway to keep rain out. I don't actually tow with this cover on, for a number of reasons. Mooring cover has just an elastic band around the rim. This is what I put on the boat when it's at the slip, and in the dry stack. I purchased both at Bass Pro Shops. And, I just picked them off the shelf based on the dimensions of my boat. Both have worked better than average. So, I've been pleased with how they've worked based on what I paid. Hope this helps.
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    For regular. 200lbs of lead at the very back of each v drive locker, 100lbs at the front of each locker. Port ram 100% , starboard ram 90%, 100% in both rear pnp bags and between 60 to 100 in center tank, you want your rub rail at rear no more than a couple inches out of the water when surfing. Anymore than this and you need to drain some out of Center tank. nothing in bow bag. Surf tab at 70, if you notice a knife edge line in your wave you need more surf tab. center tab between 60 to 40 depending on how steep you like and cats at -10. Speed between 11.2 up to 12.2. All boats are a little different and people’s wave preference different also. If you start with these setting you shouldn’t need to tweet much and will have an amazing wave. Goofy set up just reverse the setting except for just tak a little Cats out, usually run around -5 to -7.
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    Sorry for the late reply, here’s the struts I used: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01HXFXS4Y?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_pd_title
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    I have a 17 s238 and we all ride goofy. I fill all the QF and upgraded the rear so sumo 1000s. Fill both them all the way. Fill center tank but not the bow bag. Put a 300 pound bag under the driver side mid seat and then if its just 2-3 people in boat I will put a 750 on top of that seat and the boat will be listed but the wave is amazing. If I have a 5-8 People in boat I will still fill the 300 pound bag under the driver mid seat but will just get 2 people to sit on that side and will drain some QF out the port to tune the wake right. 100% surf tab and play with the stinger plate to clean it up. Runing about 10.5 to 11.0 just depending on what board we are riding. The 750 on the seat has been the biggest wave I had yet! I can add some to the bow bag to make the wave a little longer just depending on what im feeling and how many beers I have in me.
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    Farthest from the boat is correct, yes. I changed mine this season. I have a 17 s238 as well. I use 100% on the QF and PNPs. No bow tank or bag at all. My tab is at 100. I have the wakemakers upgrade and 500lbs of lead from lead wake. I think I keep 400lbs under the surf side and the other 100 under the non surf side. Since I usually ride with only a driver and my young(light) kids, I also put a 450lb sumo on the floor. It's not needed but it makes a difference and I'm used to it. When I have a few friends with me to replace that 450, I leave it out.
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    I'm a big boy and it took me a minute to figure it out...and I have been ocean surfing since I can remember so like 40+ years. The board makes a difference, I can surf a red rocket inland surfer behind most anything, but the board is so locked in I don't always love it. I can also surf one of those hyperlite landlocks pretty easy and it is a little looser. get a board for your size if you don't already have one as suggested above. I like the surfgate deal because I am goofy and many of my friends are regular....mine is just a homemade for like $25 out of a cutting board, a suction cup glass handler, and a couple shelf brackets, I put a leash on it too. It works well and I was unable to ride ropeless even with my boat pretty heavily listed until I attached this thing. Now we weight evenly and just swap the ghetto gate. I think the biggest thing was technique and finding the wave...it's like a different angle than you think and for me I pretty much have to pump, if I just try to stand there the boat has to be going so slow, the wall is then huge but the pocket so short that really it is quite boring. I'd go with a gate, get a bigger board and just keep experimenting. I tried a surfboard that I surf with and still couldn't catch the wave. My surfboard had too much rocker so it didn't plane out right, wakesurfers are really flat with just a rock up at the nose. I'm thinking I am going to shape my own out of one of my old longboards I snapped the nose off on. I want something shorter, thick with short skags for spinning...just keep experimenting you will get it. I was the last one in my whole group to figure it out which sucks when you are the one that owns the boat. Driver makes a difference as well.
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    My last two fill ups were 5.18 and 5.33 GPH on our fi23 with 409 and 3145 prop. The 5.18 was mostly surfing, 11 hours on the clock and 57 gallons. The second had 2-3 hours of cruising 4-5k rpm the rest surfing and slow speed zup (for my 4 year old) 9 hours on the clock and 48 gallons of fuel. Hours aren't exact but they are close. Im at 5k ft elevation ballast is 75-100% full when surfing + 500 lbs of steel

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