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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone, not sure if this is the right place to put this but I can't find a "for sale" forum. I'm trying to sell my 07 Avalanche C4 because the weight of it broke my boathouse (I have pictures) and I can't afford the boat and a replacement boathouse. I know it's late in the season, but I'm in Texas. Regardless, if anyone is interested, let me know. It's got 350 hours on it and I'm looking to get $38k for it. Apparently my pictures are too big to attach but happy to send more details and a bunch of pictures. Thanks, Scott
  2. I have a 2009 Centurion Avalanche, recently had the interior completely replaced. In the winter of 2020 I completely upgraded the ballast system and a brand new motor installed by the local Centurion dealer. I'm looking to see what the current value is on this boat as I'm getting ready to buy a new one and I'm debating trading it in or selling it outright. The dealer that did the work offered in the low 40K range on the trade.
  3. Want to Buy

    Hello All, ***WTB*** Blew the tranny in my Moomba yesterday. Looking for ideally an 05 or 06 Avalanche (3200lbs), or SV230. Must haves inc.: C4/full swim platform, 2:1 tranny ?. Wants: <600hrs, switchblade (not likely i know), bimini, full audio, custom ballast, good/great condition, typical surf boat stuff. Cash buyer, willing to ship for right deal, I'll have it gone by next weekend. Thx, Mike
  4. ACME 525?

    Looking to get my hands on an ACME 525 but noticed the store is sold out. anyone got leads on a sweet price for this prop?
  5. Hopefully Im posting in the correct place: I have this Gauge Cluster that is out of a 2009 Enzo 230...I dont know what other models this gauge was used it...But it is in perfect working order and I will ship for free if someone on the crew needs it and buys it. $150

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