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  1. Top ten member submitted photos for the 2011 Win a Inland Surfer Squirt Contest. About Inland Surfer Inland Surfer offers a full line of wake surfing board for all skill levels and sizes of rider. Inland Surfer is the very 1st epoxy wakesurf company in the world, and has been the leading independent manufacturer of wakesurfing boards since our start in 2001. We are committed to offering the finest boards available for use behind inboard boats, and have built a strong and loyal customer base in the US and distribution channels worldwide. Inland Surfer boards are designed and shaped by Jeff Page who has been involved in the water sports industry for over 40 years, and created Inland Surfer. As a pioneer in the wake surfing movement we are dedicated to constant innovation, cutting edge design and the highest quality for our boards. Our company continues to improve wakesurfing standards by working with the local riders, pro riders, grass root events, water ski pro shops, boat dealers, and educating government organizations world wide. Inland Surfer innovations include: - 1st Wakesurf Company. - Vortex Channel, speeds up water and injects air near the tip of the board producing a faster board and avoids pearling (nose diving). - Progressive Edge, holds the board close to the wake without creating unwanted drag. - WoodLoc, process that inserts laminated layers of wood into the board top and bottom increasing rigidity, stiffness and overall performance. - Rocket Rocker, profile has been designed to provide the absolute maximum down the line speed without sacrificing edge to edge performance. - At Inland Surfer we stand firmly behind all our products. We are confident that riding an Inland board will take your wakesurfing to higher levels. If you have taken the time to learn about our product you are obviously serious about performance and deserve to ride the best equipment. Your wakesurfing deserves it. - Inland Surfer is designed by riders.

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