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  1. Ok. I was just hoping since mine is like yours and is pre wired there would be a cheaper and easier way lol
  2. Do I need to drill 2 holes. One for each bag? Can I use the factory vent that is there for center tank?
  3. Or is my only option to drill a new hole underneath the boat and have it drain and fill from there
  4. Hi guys. My boat is an 06 avalanche with walk through . I believe it’s storm series 1 package. Has 1 center rank with fill. I fill fat sack bags in rear locker, under walk through and on top to surf. I currently use a tsunami pump to fill them by hand. I see in the fuse box it is wired up for starboard and port side and where the switches are the are wired just need the toggle switch. Is there a way I can plumb in the pumps to fill my sacks and have it like my center tank where it fills and when it gets full it spits the water out the side of the boat. Thanks I have pictures but can’t figure out how to load them. It says I can’t load more then 204.8kb
  5. 06 avalanche walk thru ballast

    lol I’ve been looking for the 580 and couldn’t find it. So it’s 370 lbs under and 400 on top of that?
  6. 06 avalanche walk thru ballast

    Did u upgrade the prop? I think mine is stock it says 537 13.5x16 v L 1 1/8 it looks like. 4 blade
  7. 06 avalanche walk thru ballast

    Ok thanks. So I’ll have to buy a 580 bag for under walk through and a 400 bag to throw on top. Thanks for advice. Time to do some shopping!
  8. Did he say why they recommend that prop?
  9. 06 avalanche walk thru ballast

    Sorry I bought the boat used and bags were already on it so don’t know size
  10. Hi guys I’m sorry since I’m sure this has been brought up before but I can’t find it. I have an 06 centurion avalanche with the walk thru. I love the surfing so far on it. I have it pretty much listed to the rub rail on port side. Port rear locker full to where I can barely close latch and port seats have long bag full underneath and center tank full plus I’ll throw some in a bag up front with some lead weight moved around depending on crew. I was wanting to try and even the boat out on weight and put like a NautiCurl on starboard side to make it a little safer and easier to drive but still want a great surf wave. Do you guys just fill a bag under the walk thru and another on top of that and keep the same set up as I have??? Thanks a bunch in advance

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