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  1. Replacement Towers

    @WakeDoc Yeah, it is that tower. Any idea of solutions for replacement? My uncle is a welder and rewelded it for me just to give it a shot, went out this weekend for the first time and it already cracked so back to square one on it.
  2. Looking for potential solutions to a problem I have. This summer, the tower on my 2009 Air Falcon V broke in two while just driving along the lake on a choppy day, not sure if this is an isolated case of if anyone else has had that happen. I am now looking into how I can solve this issue, but after talking with my local boat dealer and maintenance guy, Centurion no longer makes the tower I have and my only option unless I can find a used tower is having the whole tower kit taken out and replaced with a whole new tower setup (refiberglassed and everything) which will run close to $9,000 to have done. I don't know the specific name of the tower, nor do I have a picture of my boat on me at the moment, but it is the same style tower that is on a stock 2010 centurion enzo sv230, its all black, sleek looking with a curvy design. Does anyone have any ideas of where I could find this same tower? Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks.

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