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  1. @1jeffgignac hey! I actually misspoke. My boat is a 2009 elite C4. Same as yours. I plumbed in 2 750s in the rear lockers. They fit perfectly! I used the factory pump that fills the center tank, I put a “cross” and ball valves on each line. I can fill everything in about 12-15min or so. Not super great but a super cheap way to not have to mess with throw over pumps.
  2. Picking up a 2009 centurion Falcon V Air Warrior. I am already looking to add some ballasts to it for wakeboarding and surfing. I like the idea of the wake shapers. The reviews and videos have impressed me along with just having to weight the boat equally. With that being said I think I would be happy with 2 1100lb sacs in the rear lockers. My main question is what is the easiest way to fill those without having to throw pumps overboard and hoses going everywhere. Can you intergrate the factory ballasts with the sacs im looking to add? For example, turn on to fill port side factory ballast and it fill my port side bag as well?

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