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  1. Wow.this is pretty cool. My wife wants a mirror for out boat too, but this would be better i think. Do you think there will be problems with water and the camera? I am wondering if it might work for me to mount one higher up on the tower maybe. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Ahh ok, so maybe there are skins for other boats, and that might be what she was told about.
  3. Does anyone know if there are 'kits' that would recover all the seats in the boat? My wife heard of this, but i cannot seem to find it anywhere. Thanks.
  4. So i want to order this week, are you using the universalFit bags from WakeMakers? 45x25x25 @ 1,140 lbs? WakeMAhttps://www.wakemakers.com/wakemakers-rear-lbs-ballast-bag.html KERS UniversalFIT Rear Locker Ballast Bags
  5. Figured it out, put a 10 amp fuse in just to see, and was able to at least hear where the pump was then. Was by the belt exhaust area, and actually not that hard to get it. Was some junk jamming up the pump. Easy fix in the end!
  6. Realized last time out the bilge pump was not working. Fuse was blown. Just put it in new fuse today, and it blew right away (switch was on, and boat was not in water). I assume it did not blow because i was out of the water and something else is wrong? Correct? Is there a common thing to check for this problem? Thanks!

    I got the same boat this year! Going to check if i have that same piece. I just have the normal silver tower, not sure what it's called. But i need something like that for when i collapse the tower.
  8. I might look at changing my prop. I have two Acme 1235s and does not seem like others are using that prop.
  9. Thanks! Will do that this winter. Would getting 1,100 am thinking 1,100 on each rear locker would be best.
  10. This is with the stock center ballast, and both rear hard tanks full. I then have about 200? up front, and another 450ish in the port locker. I weight about 220, and i had three smaller people in the boat, maybe 400 lbs worth.
  11. Just an update, have been out three days in the last week. No problems. Been a blast, dialing in the wake now.
  12. So, i am finally doing a bit with out the rope, my best run so far. The video is not the best, but does it seem like our wake is good? Video here...
  13. So, it finally stopped raining and was able to work on it again. After trying a bit harder to turn that it loosened up. We put the belt back on and started the boat. It now worked fine. We let it run for about 5 minutes and no squeaking of the belt or anything. Think we might be good to go. Maybe it just tightened up over winter while it was in storage?
  14. Ok.found out this is common by searching a bit more. Starting to think it's an impeller problem.

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