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  1. I agree, and another boat dealer that loves centurion looked at the piece that is still intact and the one missing and said this is definitely a design flaw. This guy LOVES centurion, and my boat. I hope they handle this well, I grew up on the water and as soon as I could afford a boat I went out and bought an expensive Centurion. I’m pretty sure I’m their target customer. 😂
  2. Has this turned out to be accurate? Sounds right to me... went to fuel yesterday and pump kept shutting off. Got on the water and gauge said empty. I only had 40 minutes to go out so I just did it and will investigate more today.
  3. Everything done to the boat was done by the dealer that originally sold the boat and they used to be a centurion dealer. They are the ones I bought it from. I guess I’m assuming it had a previous repair but it could have been a screw that sheered off during manufacture.
  4. Thanks man, Here is a video of it as it is happening, I ended the video because we were working on pulling over so I needed to buckle back up, and as soon as I did... it blew off
  5. They*** added some “louvered ridges” on the FS44 scoops for a reason and I’m thinking this is why... FX44 Carbon Fiber Failure
  6. I just bought a 2014 Fx44 with 110 hours. I started shopping for value boats but couldn’t make myself settle. After talking with Monty, a dealer buddy in Canyon Lake, and seeing the waves Centurions put out, not to mention they are amazing eye candy, I couldn’t be swayed from the Centurion. I heard some cool stories about how they really support their product which was a huge plus! I found an FX44 and traveled up to it and bought it. Most everything about the boat checked out and was very nice. We hooked up and began to tow the boat home keeping an eye on everything. My dad was with me and he is super meticulous and cautious, the kind of guy anyone wants when making a big purchase and handling something sensitive. It was going great and all of a sudden one of the carbon fiber air scoops began to blow around like it was coming lose, but before we could pull off the road to fix it it blew off taking the lights with it in heavy traffic. We stopped to check it out. Looks like it had been replaced before because there are two screws in one hole and signs of a repair. We checked the other carbon fiber nose piece and it looked fine. We got back on the road and then had to stop for gas. I was pretty upset that this happened so naturally I go and inspect it all over again and now the other carbon fiber piece has a crack in it. The dealer I bought it from had given me a roll of white shrink wrap tape “just in case” which I thought was odd but also didn’t turn down because who knows... thankful to have the tape now so I put it over the remaining cracked carbon fiber nose piece to keep air from entering the scoop which got me home. When I called Centurion yesterday the guy in the warranty department said he never heard of this issue. I find that hard to believe since there were two screws in one hole plus other signs of repair AND seeing my second scoop crack a few minutes later. Granted it was very windy while towing but a person still should be able to town their boat down the highway. The guy at centurion isn’t offering to send me anything or discuss the matter until I get the warranty transferred which sounds like a little hassle and I’m willing to do, but I wish they would just make this easy... I also want to use my boat during my kids’ spring break without it looking all damaged. Has anyone else had problems with this while towing their FX44s? The added some “louvered ridges” on the FS44 scoops for a reason and I’m thinking this is why... no matter what the guy at centurion said. A company doesn’t make that kind of change on a part for no reason. I would love to hear from y’all. I think this should be a warranty or recall issue if it’s common enough.

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