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  1. Is it possible to purchase the maximus or any or the newer Centurion towers? Looking to purhase an older Enzo / Avi but dont want to remove the tower to get in my garage Thanks, Tom
  2. Hi, It has been a few years for me on here, we recently sold our SV232 Enzo that we loved while living in Ca (didn't need a boat to surf) We are back in Phx AZ so we are in the market for a new (to us) boat, not interested in spending $100K-$200K. looking to keep it under 40K, If I can find an early 226 I will be stoked but they are far and few between. A brief history: I put a lot into our Enzo to be an epic goofy wave (Full Enzo ballast, right hand rotation V-Drive & prop) I have found a few great deals on low hr V232's but can't seem to find anything on setting them up for the "dark-side" There has to be peeps on here that are producing a killer wake on the dark side / goofy / right side / starboard side.. whatever you want to call it.. Is changing the rotation the only way?? The other question I have; Is there a difference between the S and V boats on the bottom part of the hull? Thanks for any help Tom Bugg

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