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  1. On my 88 falcon I have this metal plate that runs even with the bottom of the boat...what's this for
  2. So a guy locally will do it for 300 for labor if I buy the parts.... how bad is it to do yourself. I'm the typical weekend mechanic and can dissassemble and engine...but have never done a transmission..anybody have expereience.. if so let me k ow
  3. 1988 ski centurion falcon. I have forward fear but no reverse I hear it's common. I've already checked linkages and all and still nothing. Anybody know where I can get another one? Or maybe part numbers for a used one
  4. I'm looking for a db electrical number.
  5. I just got a 1988 centurion falcon. Pretty sure the alternator is gone. I am in the process of rewiring the boat and am wanting a higher output alternator. It has the 351w in it. Anybody have a part number? I have googled like crazy and cant seem to find the right one. Thanks in advance

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