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  1. FYI, it was standard rotation. LH, Clockwise.
  2. I need to order a starter for my 1991 Centurion Falcon. It’s 6 hours away. Can anyone tell me if the 351w used in these boats are CW or CCW rotation?
  3. Solid interior. As long as the floor and stringers are secure, I’d say it’s a solid buy.
  4. Is it carbuerated? A flathead screw driver on the end of the linkage will lower your idle, your loooking for around 800 RPM in neautral, 600-650 in gear. If you tach is anything like mine, at the lower RPMs it’s not even close to being accurate. you know it’s too high, drop it so it is not too low when in gear.
  5. Well, I found out my electronic prestolite distributor was only advancing 10-12 degrees, bringing in total advance at only 22 degrees! I’ve since ordered the other replacement module I can find made by Pertronix. In the mean time, I advanced the base timing to 15 degrees, which gave me 27 degrees total timing. Sadly I saw no increase in top speed. I was hoping to see a good jump. I guess I will see when the actual part comes in. Guestimating the throttle position, I can get about 32mph out of the boat before the secondaries open up. Does that seem about right? Or am I dragging a big anchor?
  6. Thanks Tim. I was able to get out on the lake once more to test the top speed. I downloaded a GPS app, and to my amazement the speedo was dead accurate! 37MPH is all she’s got, and that’s only turning around 37-3800 RPM. Something is definitely up. I haven’t been able to get under the boat and check out my prop. But it’s either not making enough power with the stock prop, or it’s been propped way too big!
  7. To add, I have an Edelbrock Performer intake ready to be bolted in at some point. I also have a spare Megasquirt ECU I’ve tossed around putting into to get theboat fuel injected. I’d most likely use a TBI setup of some sort for simplicity. A MSD Blaster Coil on the sidelines as well. I love having spare parts around. I’m on the search for some GT40p heads.
  8. Hey Guys, Just popped my ‘91 Falcon in the water for the year after a summer full of troubles last year. Running like a champ so far. A few questions for experienced Falcon owners. 1) What was the factory top speed and rpm of the Falcon? When I purchased the boat, the previous owner said it “lost 10HP” when he swapped out the carb. Obviously inaccurate but it does make me believe the carb could use a calibration (would love to hook up a wideband 02). The boat seems to top out at 37MPH according to one of the speedos. The other doesn’t work. (Why is there 2?) 2) How big is the factory prop? since everyone loves photos.. polished up and ready to go in.
  9. Thanks. Yes, wood skiis found in the back of the shed. Having spent many summers on skiis and other sports I had nevwe tried slalom skiis. I failed. I tried dropping a ski over and over. Couldn’t do it. So I tried a water start. Popped right up.ha. I am quite concerned about the tongue weight when the boat is on the trailer. I’m fairly use to moving 300lbs around at the gym, and despite some awkward handling of the tongue, I can’t budge the trailer up. The vehicle has a limit of 350lb for tongue weight. Anyone have any experience with moving the position of a boat on that style trailer? Everything seems to be welded in place without adjustability. i hope to get a more accurate tongue the next time I see the boat (it’s about 5 hours away).
  10. Hey guys, Heres my Falcon I bought last fall. After a summer of mechanical issues (self imposed) and a lack of tow rig we got all of 1 day on the boat. Refinished the swim grid (spent upwards of 20 hours on it), to only get mouldy again. Spring tuneup, and I ended up having two plug wires backwards. It stumped us for ages as it actually ran quite well, just idled slightly off (my father was a career mechanic, and I have rebuilt a few cars myself). Due to this we never ran it as poor idle was caused the transmission to make noise (perhaps flywheel spring system, I forget the name). Once I figured out the plug wires she ran like a champ. Finally bought a vehicle which can get it in and out of the water (stays on the dock all summer), but after more investigation I may have under estimated the weight. I was hopeful the boat didn’t weight more then 2500lb. I’ve seen a source for 2800lb. We have a single axle trailer. Does anyone have a confirmed weight for a 1991 Centurion Falcon (perhaps with trailer). My new tow rig is maxed out at 3500lb. But on to the pictures!

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