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  1. Hi guys, new 2019 Supreme S238 owner with 12 hours here. Had my boat out 4 times out before our 4th of July trip when disaster stuck. Long story short, my engine is seized and my boat shop has a warranty claim for a new engine filed. Question to you guys, has anyone had their engine replaced? And if so, how long did it take for your shop to get the engine in? I'm in the PNW and we only have 3 months of summer and our season is almost 1/2 over. My shop hasnt heard back from PCM on status and I'm praying that isnt a bad sign....
  2. Let's See Your Rides

    Just bought our first wakeboard/wakesurf boat from NW Boat Sports after spending the last 5 years with my Yamaha SX230. Looking forward to this season with our 2019 S239!

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