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  1. Does anyone have a video on how to winterize a 2007 Elite V for Ohio winter? I want to do it myself this year.
  2. Winterization 2007 Elite V

    What is everyone using for V drive fluid?
  3. I just purchased a 2007 Elite V C4 that does not have any rear ballast, any suggestions on what to put in the rear storage lockers? How much weight should I use?
  4. What is everyone using to clean the oustside with? I’m in ohio and the water isn’t the cleanest, after a weekend I get a pretty nasty water line. Looking for the best stuff to remove it and to help keep it off.
  5. I’m about to purchase the Ridesteady system just wanted to see what everyone thinks, is it the best out? Also where is the best place to purchase it? i have 2007 elite C4 air warrior

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