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  1. Boat shipping/transporting

    I’m in eastern Washington
  2. Boat shipping/transporting

    I’m doing the purchase thru the dealership. They really didn’t seem like they had any boat transport experience or knew of anybody. First boat I’ve bought from a dealer, so I just assumed doing it on your own was the norm. Is it not the norm lol?
  3. Boat shipping/transporting

    They are going to put the factory shrink-wrap back on. So I believe tower stays up, which yeah I agree! it should stay up. Yeah I was really nervous about U ship or really anyone at all hauling anything of mine. But I did find a guy on U ship (Highest bidder) that had a Legit LLC transport business who specialized in boat hauling with nothing but positive reviews like, "if your lucky enough to have Ray bid on your shipment grab him cause he is one of the few professional haulers you can trust"). I then went outside of U ship and online to further research him and found more people that had nothing but positive things to say about him and pics of some of his boat transports that make my boat look like a skiff, lol. I was able to find a contact email and am doing this outside of U ship so that we don't have to pay there fees. So although U Ship probably is 95% yahoos with half tons trying to scream across the country...if you do your homework theres a few out there that might let you get a few hours of sleep while its in transit, lol. He is right under that $2 a mile rate. But peace of mind is priceless!! But it hasn't been delivered yet so I will continue to keep my fingers crossed
  4. Boat shipping/transporting

    We bought the Red, white and black one. Yeah Im dealing with Justin there....they have been awesome!
  5. Boat shipping/transporting

    Yes, I just bought it from Orion Marine.
  6. So we've just purchased a 2017 Ri 237! And am wondering if anyone has any experience in getting a boat transported. The boat is in Michigan and needs to get home to the PNW.

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