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  1. Zs232 opinions

    Yes, i've surfed the Makai 3 separate times on both 400 and 450 boats. I've read into the Makai and it's a recycled hull from the Supra SE.... I don't think the SE is known as a stellar surf boat... but it gets the job done. I will say that the wave was different every time i surfed. This was alarming to me.... the boat realistically needs another 1500lbs to be good. The boat also performed differently every time we surfed... due to where the weight was stashed. the 450 we had all the bags on the rear bench, which causes the RPMs to spike to around 4200 to maintain a clean wave at 11.5 (which i like to surf). The 400 handled the weight just fine with an upgraded prop surfing at just 3400 RPMs. This may have had something to do with where we put the bags... up in the middle of the floor. Wake makers is making a kit for the Makai, but this will also require you to remove the rear locker bins... this raises more questions on performance. All that weight in the tush will change the wave but also spike RPMs... I think that boat will a mystery till you own it and set it up the way you want it. But i don't consider it to be turn key ready. I'm curious your thoughts on the layout of the ZS and what you thought on built quality. Did you feel like you were in a budget boat? Did they have it optioned out like the red/gray one in the Supreme videos?
  2. Zs232 opinions

    I have yet to even see one with the naked eye.... but have been over and over a build with my local dealer. I've also been extensively reviewing and demoing comparable boats in the price range. The closes thing i've come across is the Moomba Makai which i've done a couple demos, one with the 450 and other 400. Great boat, but i'm still leaning ZS having not even been on one. I think (in my humble opinion, of course).... the ZS is a full meal deal, bang for your buck, turn key ready. 23ft with 4600lbs of ballast, is about as close as you can get to premium boat. Basically has the Ri hull, and same type of surf system (not ram fill :\). Makai has a better screen and UI, but lacks the ballast and hull design. Not to mention the great use of storage space in the back lockers. The price is pretty on point, as long as you take advantage of promo and battling with the dealer, you can get one fairly loaded sub 100k. If you want more info on my Makai findings, feel free to ask.

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