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  1. Haven't been online here for some time but need some info on what other boat owners have done with rear corner cabinets coming loose my boat is a 2007 Elite V drive . What I'm looking for are different hinges and where they are available or how others have modified to fix this problem.
  2. Hey guy's I've been lurking on the site for a bit and figured I would join and ask a few questions. What I am wondering is how much does the adjustable plate flatten out the wake on the Elite V C4 ? We went from direct drive ski boats to v-drives as the kids grew and now are surf freaks . The Elite is doing the job just awsome 95 % of the time but there are times I want to crank it up on my slalom ski and the wake is livable but nowhere near what I was used too . The boat has the factory knurl nut plate on it , but I am wondering about the plate one of the guys on here is selling .

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