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  1. Hi everyone, I’m trying to figure out what the oil capacity is for the PCM 450 in my 2018 Fi23. When I got the first service done, they said 6 quarts. Well after they changed the oil I checked the dipstick and it was wayyyy over the max mark (engine was cool). I tested this while it was level on the lift and also as it was floating in the water. All I can find online is that you should start with 6 quarts, yet always gauge by the dipstick. How much oil are you guys generally putting in your engine?? Obviously too much is no good so I’m tempted to extract, but I’m confused that the dealer would be stating it has a 6 quart capacity. Any help is appreciated! John
  2. Fi23 Wakeboard Settings

    Awesome! I’ll test this out, thanks for your help!
  3. Hi Everyone, I have my surf wave dialed in but am having a hell of a time figuring out a good combo of settings to get a rampy wakeboard wake. I’m getting more of a vert wake but have seen some videos where it looks rampy and tall. Any help is appreciated! Spina
  4. Fi23 - Bent my prop

    @h20king I’m sure you’re dead on and I know you know your stuff because I decided to pull the trigger on my Fi after reading all your prior posts. Forgive me as I’m obviously prop ignorant. The problem for me is I’ll never see anything more than sea level in Florida. Perhaps a minor detail I didn’t mention in the original post. Oh well, you live and learn...and spend money Thanks for your help!
  5. Fi23 - Bent my prop

    So I went with the 2907 and have come have found I’m running higher RPMs. From what I’ve read, every 1” less of pitch requires an additional 200 RPMs regardless of the better low-end power. I’m no engineer and have no clue if that’s correct, but the logic seems to be accurate as I’m about 400 RPMs over what I was running on my 2829 16”x15” prop. I had the 2829 prop “fixed” after bending it but when attempting to use it I’m getting a lot of vibrations. Was hoping to test it with the same surf/ballast settings to get a true comparison but have to bring the prop back to the shop to see if they can better balance it. Anywho, just wanted to give an update and let anyone know who’s expecting reduced RPMs from the 2907 that you may end up with the opposite. @carguy79ta, if you don’t need another prop yet, stick with the 2829 prop for now. I will follow up once I can compare them with all settings equal. Spina
  6. Fi23 Mods

    So after thinking I was crazy, I finally broke out the meter to determine that the module I received wasn’t working as it should. Obviously no one’s fault but they gladly sent me a new module and everything is working as expected now. @EliteV be sure to take pics of everything before disconnecting the ignition wires. Finding a ground is a bit challenging but when you open the bow seat on the driver’s side, you’ll have a couple options to tap into. Going to add a pic (which may not be helpful at all btw) but at worst you should be able to tap into the red alarm speaker in the blue highlight box. The yellow box has the wire that I actually spliced into as it was a thicker gauge wire and figured it would act as a better ground. The key point of getting the radio to turn on as lovetosurf mentioned is to clip the Red wire connected to the Stereo dash switch/button and connect the white wire from the module, to the red wire that goes to the stereo switch itself. I capped off the other end of the red wire for good measure. Don’t cut the red wire too close to the switch like I did or else you’ll have a tough time connecting it to the accessory/white wire. Added a pic for this too Hopefully this doesn’t make it more confusing but let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them. P.S. Having trouble with pic sizes will make a separate post for them
  7. Fi23 - Bent my prop

    Awesome, thanks for your help!
  8. Hey guys, Rough day today and it all happened due to poor judgement and before even jumping in the water. Anywho, I have an Fi23 with the 450hp (at sea level) and the prop I currently have is the 16”x15”. Trying to determine if I’d be better off with the 16”x13” 2907 prop. Normally with full ballast, 800#s of lead and two people in the boat and one rider, stinger plate @ 10, and 11.2 mph and I’m running at 3400 Rpms. When I drop bow weight, I’ve gotten a nicer wake but run up to 3800rpms. Too many more people in the boat with full ballast and I’m not even able to make it past 10.7 unless I throw people in the bow. I’m in a pretty small lake and really don’t need much speed or go long distances. I mostly surf and will do a bit of boarding here and there. Will the 16”x13” give me better efficiency? I’ve read in posts about the Ri257 that it’s overkill, but there really isn’t going to be a time where I need to be going more than 35mph. Any opinions on which way I should go? Tempted to pull the trigger on the 2907 and get this one repaired, worst case I can use the 2907 as the backup. Any help is appreciated! Spina
  9. Fi23 Mods

    Still haven’t figured it out unfortunately... So do you have anything hooked up to the red wire on the module? I’m sure I’m overthinking this and it’s something ridiculous I’m missing lol. Thanks again for your help!
  10. Fi23 Mods

    Hey man, I bought the ignition button as well, connected everything as the guide recommended and the red wire from the button to the white of the module and nothing happens during the green blinking stage. Did you separate the purple wires that originally connected to the ignition or do they both stay wired to the Blue wire that goes to the module? Also, when you say connect the red wire from the switch, you do mean from the ignition switch and not the stereo switch, correct? Thanks for your help!! John

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