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  1. In search of Surf Boat

    Very interesting...I got the same weird response and write it off. Seemed like a scam
  2. In search of Surf Boat

    So found this 1998 elite v 21’ with 2013 motor and etc parts. Anyone have this boat and know the big differences in hull for a surf wake? can perfect pass be installed? https://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/boa/d/1998-centurion-elite-drive/6730329148.html
  3. In search of Surf Boat

    So which Enzo do you have? Thx for the heads up, will search for the warnings about the Enzo 220.
  4. In search of Surf Boat

    Looked at another centurion today. Need help figuring out the differences. The boat above - 2011 22’ (I think) avalanche looked at 2008 Enzo sv220 today ...for more money 40k. What is the difference in the Enzo and avalanche? It seems that many people refer to the ‘avy’ as the best older surf wake? Thanks for the help! https://www.boattrader.com/listing/2008-centurion-sv-220-103380157/?refSource=sponsored+listing
  5. In search of Surf Boat

    The guy is advertising it as a 22’ boat. How can I figure that out for certain? Where to look on boat? Definitely looking for 22-23’ boat? Looking for best surf wave in the centurion line up...is this a good one?
  6. In search of Surf Boat

    I've found this 2011 Air Warrior south of Atlanta for 39k. Does this look like a good deal? Couple of questions - owner says it the air warrior model, but I haven't seen much reference to this model before. I notice its a walk thru bow which I have seen many people say is not preferable because you can't put the sacs under the bow seats? Any advice or suggestions for things to look at before I go take a look? https://atlanta.craigslist.org/eat/boa/d/ft-centurion-wakeboard-boat/6711399069.html

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