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  1. Ceramic Coating

    Also having our FI25 done at the beginning of April.
  2. Boat shipping/transporting

    UShip worked great to bring our boat from Utah to Oklahoma.
  3. Swim deck lights

    Turns our the light was faulty, and shadow caster is sending out another.
  4. Swim deck lights

    I’ll see what happens. Definitely frustrating, but can’t be too hard of a fix.
  5. Swim deck lights

    I did that, but it always defaults back to all no matter what color I left it on. I messaged them and they told me to call on Monday. Hopefully it’s just a programming issue.
  6. Swim deck lights

    Ok so last night I ran the relay, and thicker wire. Lights come on and stay on, but now the port side automatically diverts to the blue/white while the starboard side defaults to the factory blue setting..
  7. Swim deck lights

    Thank you, I appreciate the info/help.
  8. Swim deck lights

    The only thing that made a difference initially was removing the underwater light option, and re-applying it to the touch screen. Had me scratching my head. The amp draw is 7.8 amps per light per shadow casters series diagram. I plan to run a thicker gauge wire after the relay. Alongside a 20 amp fuse that should be sufficient yes?
  9. Swim deck lights

    The only way they would stay on for longer than literally one second was to toggle the lights to the blue/white fade option. The longest they would stay on was maybe three seconds. The next idea I was thinking was to add a relay from the stock power lead with a 20amp fuse.
  10. Swim deck lights

    Yes they are. Even tried this while the motor was running, and still had the same results.
  11. Swim deck lights

    Managed to get the lights on, but they will turn off after a few seconds.
  12. Swim deck lights

    Hmm. Maybe I am missing something then.
  13. Swim deck lights

    I entered the dealer code to apply the swim deck button to the touch screen. Is there another step I am missing or a lack of fuses for the wiring?
  14. Swim deck lights

    Any insight on why the lights would not be receiving any power when connected to the factory swim deck wiring?
  15. Swim deck lights

    Also the boat is pre wired, and you can go through settings to change the options for lights on the dash.

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