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  1. exhaust mod

    Still need to drill the holes for the new screw pattern, but the fit perfectly after grinding down the tabs...
  2. exhaust mod

    Just received the exhaust tips from bakesonline.com (part # 3221015). Total for 2 was $296.00. They come with little tabs on them as a prior post mentioned; however, rather than cutting a notch into the boat/fiberglass, I was able to use an angle grinder and grind down the tabs (see before and after pics). A few scuffs at the tip but no worries there since that end will be on the inside of the boat.
  3. 2009 Centurion Air Warrior/Falcon V Front Speaker

    That is what I was seeing as well and some were drilling holes into the side of the boat to do it, which is not something I am interested in doing. No holes with this approach and you still have access to the navigation light wiring if that needs replaced simply by removing the speaker.
  4. Underwater LED light placement

    Awesome, thanks for the info!
  5. exhaust mod

  6. exhaust mod

    I realize this is a very old thread; however, it is what I came across while researching this topic. There is a way to remove the existing plastic tips without damaging them. Here is the process (09 falcon v): 1. remove the rubber hose at both ends (exhaust tips and exhaust manifold) - loosen clamps and use heat gun to make the hose more flexible and easier to work with 2. on the inside, use a heat gun around the exhaust tips to loosen the adhesive. take a screw driver to scrape the adhesive away 3. unscrew the 4 outside screws 4. on the outside, use a heat gun use a heat gun around the exhaust tips to loosen the adhesive. DO NOT use a screw driver to scrape any adhesive on the outside 5. on the inside again, reheat the seal and hit the end of the exhaust tip with a hammer. it should budge at this point. continue using the hammer until the exhaust tip is flush with the interior of the boat. 6. on the outside, twist and pull the exhaust tip out. This method worked for me and took an hour at most. Was able to save the exhaust tips just in case they were needed for future use and did not come close to damaging the fiberglass. Hope this helps!!
  7. 2009 Centurion Air Warrior/Falcon V Front Speaker

    Picture with the cushion after the speaker was installed
  8. Not exactly sure which years and models have this; however, the front middle cushion is on a hinge. The hinge is at the top so you are able to pull the cushion from the bottom and lift it up. 2 reasons this is helpful, 1.) it makes changing the front navigation light much easier and 2.) a front speaker can be installed in this location. I was trying to come up ideas on how to get more sound to the front because the current speaker setup made it very difficult for anyone to hear the music when surfing/boating. Here are a few pics of before and after. With this setup, people can remove the cushion if they want it louder or leave the cushion on if they want it quite. The steps were: 1. remove the hinge from the cushion and the boat 2. replaced the hinge with 2 furniture flush mount brackets, had to drill 2 small holes in the fiberglass and cushion to match the brackets 3. install a mounting board (I used a plastic cutting board and had to cut it to size). also had to set it back so that the speaker does not stick out and the cushion is flush. just cut 1 inch wide strips of the cutting board and screwed it to the main mounting board. used the same holes for mounting brackets to secure mounting board at the top. had to drill 2 holes at the bottom to secure that area. 4. there are eyeholes for the wiring that runs down the top side of the boat for the speaker wire
  9. First post here! Making a bunch of modifications and upgrades this spring to a 2009 Air Warrior/Elite V. Just purchased 2 Lumitec SeaBlaze Quattro LED Underwater Lights and am wondering what the best placement is for maximum lighting. Here is a photo of the back of the boat. My assumption is to install them near the exhaust vents. Any advice would be much appreciated!
  10. Were you able to locate these switches? I am looking for these for a 09 Elite V

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