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  1. Thanks for the reply ctpavyss. Let me know how the 1433 works out.
  2. Just bought 2013 V226 with Indmar 409 - love it - but have some newb questions. Prop - Anyone know the stock prop that came on that boat? Looked could find any numbers on it, running at 687' elevation, very little acceleration, not much low end, even when empty. Down wind, smooth water, empty, max out at 4k RPM/~40mph, bringing people back to dock, 9 people, no ballast, could only pull ~3k RPMs/maybe 15-18mph. Little scared to load it up with ballast. Thinking ACME 1433 prop might help on the low end and acceleration, don't care if I lose some top end. Bilge Pump - during the day, mostly when floating, bilge pump came on a LOT, run for 20-30 seconds or longer, full stream of water. Is this normal? Thinking Direct Drive seal might need repair/replace (doesn't even look like there's a seal there)? Appreciate any input.

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