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  1. While I seem to be on a role learning.... a couple more questions please. 1 - Is the center ballast what some call the bow ballast? The factory options say an available 228 lb bow ballast. Anybody know how much the center ballast can hold? Do people install a front under seat ballast bag as well? 2 - if the center ballast fills and drains from the underside of the boat and there is no gauge, how do you know when it's empty? Thanks
  2. 49faith firstly thanks for your help and sorry for my ignorance. I believe we just had a eureka moment! I think I have this straight now. Does this seem right? Boat has: 1 hard ballast tank in center of boat that is filled/emptied via pump. Switch in center of the three. 2 pnp bags - one in each locker. Switches on either side of center ballast switch above. 2 quick fill hard tanks located port and starboard below the lockers controlled by the open/closed switches?? For crying out loud!! - I didn't even see the bottom row of switches! We were trying to surf with only 550 lb pnp bags and center ballast. God now I feel like an idiot. Thank god for forums! I guess we are out for another test run this weekend.
  3. h20king which wakemaker bag to you have? I assume locker is same size in 2016?
  4. No he definitely has one center quickfill ballast in the center of the boat and a factory pnp bag in each locker. No bow ballast and the quickfill only has a single toggle switch so I assume there is not separate port and starboard sides to it. Another big feature lacking in this boat is the lack of gauges for ballast levels and more importantly tab position.
  5. Hello. I'm a Tige owner who is trying to help get my buddies new to him 2016 S226 dialed in. He's a newb but will be joining this forum to learn. Having read a bunch of this forum I have a few questions. It seems some people have a bow ballast in their 16s and some have a split quick fill tank??? There seems to be all sorts of different factory configurations. His boat has one center quick fill, and a pnp bag in each rear locker. It has the 3 tab system which I believe you guys call quicksurf. I went out with him yesterday and found the wave to be nice and long but no push and not much height. Keeping in mind I am 6'4" 240lbs and he is bigger we NEED push. The best we could do was surf side locker full, other side part full, quicksurf tab up slightly from fully extended. We had the center quickfill full the entire time. I'm not here to bash Supreme. I love the boat. Great design and roomy. Runs fantastic. I'm just thinking for a 2016 Surf designed boat the wave should have more height and push. I get far more push with my 08 Tige Z1. Not as long for sure but way easier to ride. Any advice helping him dial in would be appreciated!

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