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  1. Thanks for the reply. I hadn't really thought that the dipstick would go into the bottom of the oil pan, but it makes sense. I'm pretty sure that the heater is filled with antifreeze. The lower hose connection definitely had antifreeze in it, but the upper hose connection didn't really have anything in it so it was hard to tell. I wasn't planning on doing the impeller. You do yours every year? It doesn't seem very easy to get to.
  2. Hey Guys...Sadly we already need to start thinking about winterizing in Canada. First time winterizing a Centurion. It seems like the heater on my 2014 Enzo FX44 is part of a closed cooling system, with antifreeze in the heater lines. Anyone able to confirm this? Also, has anyone tried to change the oil and the drain line doesn't fit through the hole at the back? Is there a pump available you can thread onto the drain line? Going through the dipstick to drain just doesn't seem like it will get it all out.

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