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  1. Trying to get my perfect pass working in a new to me 08 sv230. The head unit reads speed,rpm, beeps at set speed and thats it. Ive tried the trouble shooting as per pp website. The servo fails the test but the phase voltage test fails too. I thought maybe broken wires, toned them out and passed that. Before i purchase a new servo set up, any advice on something else to check? Thanks
  2. check valves are your friend. Make sure that while one bag is trying to fill or empty its not sucking in air. Ive just redone my entire system and forgot to cut in one check valve in the fill line to a starboard bag. Maybe filled at 30% speed, cut in the valve, no air, full pipes!
  3. Have yet to time the exact difference. Went from ballast puppys to johnson pumps, went from hating life to actually draining the bags before dark. At the same time i changed all piping to 1" including above water thru hulls. Bonus, johnson pumps are on sale @ wakemakers

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