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  1. Octo tower 2017

    What about the issue of the tower resting on the windshield and causing the windshield to pull from the deck and the base. ??
  2. I do not have the disappearing gauge issue yet but i can say the temperature gauge is about 10-15 degrees to high on a consistent basis. I do have blank spots in the blue on the ballast gauges. With all the issues that I am starting to come across with the 2018 Supreme S2111 build my Buzz of having a sweet new boat is starting to feel more like a hangover with a fat bar tab.. Super bummed !
  3. S211 tower issues

    I can for the tower down with the Bimini attached with the throttle in reverse. With that said it scratches the heck out of the window frame. My bigger issue is the fact the tower comes to rest on the windshield which is causing damage to the window frame itself. For those of you that put your towers down to back them into and pull them out of storage look at where the tower comes to rest on the window frame and see how it bows the window out and pulls it up off the deck slightly... There need to be a recall or fix to this issue.
  4. Love my new 2018 S211. With that said, the octo tower looks great but its functionality is horrible. I have two major issues with the tower. I don't know if it is common in all new S211's or just an error in the production that is causing the issues. First, the bimini removal is a two person job. If you try to attempt it by yourself you end up scratching the tower to heck. The flat metal "dowel" thing that holds the bimini arm to the tower are an issue as well because when you remove the bimini arms they fall out and bounce around your boat like a brick, and that's if you're lucky enough for them to fall inside your boat and not hit the outside gelcoat. The major issue I have with the tower is that it is mounted about an inch to far forward and when you put the tower down to put the boat in and out of storage, it rests on the window frame and bows the window frame out. This has now caused the lower portion of the driver side window to be about 1/4 inch off the boat deck and the windshield now wiggles as if the screws are loose. If the tower was an inch back it would rest on itself and not the window. I'd love to hear what others are doing to resolve the bimini issue as well as the tower issue if your are experiencing the same issue.

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