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  1. https://nh.craigslist.org/boa/d/bethel-2014-centurion-enzo-wakeboard/6883112756.html Wife is back in school so we need to lose the boat payment for a couple years. Sad to see her go. Asking $52k -KC
  2. In search of Surf Boat

    Still looking? I bought a 2014 Enzo ss210 in August. My wife is going back to school so we need to get rid of the payment for a couple of years. I love the boat. Love. But love the wife more ;-) Asking $55k. LMK if you'd like pics and details. -KC
  3. Thanks for the reply! I'm in Bethel Maine, where in NH are you? Would love a FI but that's wayyyyyy over the budget my wife gave me ;-)
  4. What's Up Crew? Just sold my 2007 MB Sports b52 and looking to upgrade. I found a 2014 Enzo ss210 that's in my price range. My wife and I surf exclusively and like to just hang out on the boat too. I'm looking for advice- I know the fit and finish and handling will be a step up form the b52, but what about the wave? I was running 3500# ballast in the b52 and it was super fun and plenty of push for my 225# self, starting to get air and landing clean 360's. Thanks so much for your help! KC

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