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  1. Hey all, looking for the complete setup -- supporting brackets, everything. The pylon mounts between the engine cover and bench seat, and the pylon telescopes up roughly 6". I'll be modifying the mounts -- I know there are a few Centurion models with roughly the same setup -- I would take anything, or any parts! Any leads would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you, Don
  2. Hey crew, HNY 2020. Reviving this thread with a *want* for the complete ski pylon setup in this post. I need everything. Thanks! PS, sorry to admin if this is incorrect place to post. I thought it would be a handy reference..
  3. Hi. I'm trying to find the manufacturer of the retractable cleats pictured. Also, wondering what you all use to attach bow and stern lines. I'm thinking the eyelet up front that's used to crank the boat onto the trailer for bow line, and the eyelets at either end of the stern for the stern line?
  4. New here, with a few Enzo questions ~

    WakeDoc, got it! Great explanation. So apparently the impeller runs lake water, and a different pump for the closed cooling. The impeller would then be dry on trailer startup. I won't be doing that again!!
  5. New here, with a few Enzo questions ~

    When I started it dry, I was cognizant of what I was doing relative to overheating the headers - and ran it short enough time to not impact the headers. My logic said the closed system cools the engine, and the lake water cools the headers. If that's not the case, how do they separate the closed system (with coolant that's supposedly good for 10 years) from the lake water? And which source of water is pumped by the impeller? Thanks!
  6. New here, with a few Enzo questions ~

    Definitely not a radiator!! It ran for less than a minute - did I screw something up? There must be a place where I should hook up a hose or something........
  7. Upgrade, or purchase new(er) boat?

    Buy the new boat. You only live once. This assumes it's an affordable choice! Spending time with your family, you're a winner either way.
  8. New here, with a few Enzo questions ~

    Undecided. Definitely doing a bimini.... today's interests are less about jumping wake, more about the ropeless wakesurf. Good without a tower on that, so maybe never. I like the look as is, so yeah prob not.
  9. New here, with a few Enzo questions ~

    This is very blurry, but you can see the two end attaching/tie points, and then in between the black rubber and the handle is the little center tow hook.
  10. New here, with a few Enzo questions ~

    DrNate, this harness looks similar to what would be used with an outboard. I have the center round/hook thing, and then two C - shaped places, one at each end. I was thinking to pull tubers and wake surfers by the old school center hook. I guess I'm not understanding the benefit of adding this harness...?
  11. New here, with a few Enzo questions ~

    No ski pylon, no popup, no room vs the 525. Just the small hook at the transom. TYLER!! lol
  12. New here, with a few Enzo questions ~

    Dude!! All over this action, can't wait to give it a try.
  13. New here, with a few Enzo questions ~

    Thank you! The first owner (after Fineline) removed the tower and windshield. I was told it was used at a towing tournament in Australia.... whatever they were doing in '07. Where should the swim platform set relative to water line? Thank you for pointing this out! Also curious about the hull now...
  14. New here, with a few Enzo questions ~

    Hmmmm... I know shore starts and dock starts, but not sure what you mean here. Is it bc I don't have a tower? Thanks!

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