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  1. 2018 RI257 Wave Settings

    My dealer definitely told me to do this! Scared the crap out of my wife, but thankfully, we don't usually ever stop for a swim break. If we do, I will definitely dump the ram fills. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. 2018 RI257 Wave Settings

    Love it! I honestly love everything about the boat. We first road the boat with 250 pounds of lead in each rear locker under the pnps. The wave was good with that: really tall, but kind of short, which it probably should have then. Then we went back to the slip and also added 200 pounds in the side lockers, going from the rear pnp bags and forward. (This was all of the lead I had onhand.). The wave with this is just about spot on. The wave is still super tall, but much, much longer, and as clean as can be. The biggest difference in this wave and the Malibu wave is the firmness. My wife was able to get baby airs on the M235, but she, just after two days on the Centurion, is getting about 1-1.5 feet in the air on her frontside airs! In addition, I can literally ride this wave way back at the curl, with plenty of push. I am going to order some more lead just to see what else can be done to this wave, but I don't think 26 bags are needed. I am thinking like 50 more in each side locker, maybe 100 lbs under the driver's seat and passengers seat, and 200 pounds under the rear transom bag. If it's too much, I can always take it out. My wife and I generally ride with just the two of us on the boat, so I want all the weight I can have. This is honestly the first boat I have ever bought that I am completely happy with. Really, the other boat manufacturers aren't even close! I guess if I could say there was one thing I missed from the other boats I've owned, it's the dang hinges on the lockers. That's it!
  3. 2018 RI257 Wave Settings

    I have 900 lbs now, and it’s probably plenty. I have 250 under each of the rear pnp bags, and 200 in each side locker just forward of the rear bags. I was just wondering what the added weight under the drivers and passengers seat would do, as well as the 200 lbs under the transom bag.
  4. 2018 RI257 Wave Settings

    Can someone decipher this for me? I think I might be just dense. I got this off of wakeballast.com, and it sounds like a really interesting setup, I just can't tell how many bags I actually need in the boat to actually do this. Centurion RI and FI models All PNP y Ballast Full Ram Fill 100% on surf side, 85% on opposite side 12 Wake Ballast Bags (4 Per Side rear locker) Additional 250lbs Wakeballast Bags under each rear locker PNP ballast bags.each side if you have a rear transom locker 200lbs Wakeballast bags under the water ballast bag 2 Wake Ballast Bags Per Side under seat behind driver Surf side plate 90 Center tab 40 Speed 10.8-11.6
  5. Fi21 vs Fi23

    The ROI on the M235 is not that good at all. Thankfully, when I bought it last year, I got a good enough deal on it that I didn't just completely get burned last week when I traded it in on the RI257. I sure lost more than 7.5 percent though! That is an amazing resale price @Darkside
  6. Fi21 vs Fi23

    They aren't lol, and the funny thing is, last year when I bought the M235, one of the sole reasons is that I was worried about resale of the RI257. Both my wife and I actually wanted the 257 more than the m235.
  7. New RI257 owner

    I have not. Centurions don’t seem to be big up here in DFW. Malibu and Nautique have tons of marketshare here, but I see that changing. I’m at Lewisville, and I did get it from Jay Tee. He is awesome, and extremely knowledgeable!
  8. 2018 RI257 Wave Settings

    perfect! I am coming from an M235, so that is outstanding to know!
  9. New RI257 owner

    I will do that for sure. For my wife and I, the only thing that matters is the wave. I will say that the M235 was definitely a better wave than the G25. On our G, we had stock ballast, plus, I think, 500s in the rear lockers. The G wave is very firm, but extremely unforgiving. If you get out of the pocket at all, you are out, and you cannot recover. In addition, the wave is extremely steep, which is great for airs, etc., but makes learning 360s, etc, extremely difficult. The M235 is almost the opposite. Our boat had 500lbs of lead in the bow, along with 600 pnps in each rear locker. The wave was almost exactly the opposite of the G wave. It is the most forgiving wave I have ever ridden, no questions asked. In addition, it's a truly beautiful surf wave. Surfgate is known for that. Last year, when I traded my G23 for that M, the only reservation I had, and people thought I was crazy, was that I thought the wave was too easy to ride, and I still think that. Since there is no real adjustability, the wave becomes boring. You almost have to try to fall out of it. The face of the wave is also really soft, which makes it a little more difficult to catch excellent air, etc. So far, I've ridden the ri257 twice, once last year, and I almost bought it, and then again yesterday, when I did pull the trigger. In the limited amount of time I have ridden, I believe that the Centurion is kind of the best of both worlds. The face of the wave is extremely firm, and there is an exceptional amount of push. The wave seemed a little less forgiving than the Malibu wave, but I also am not quite sure how much speed I need yet. I was riding yesterday at 11.5. I rode the M at 11.6-11.8, but I believe I might be perfect at around 11.2-3 on the ri257. Neither ri257 I rode had any lead either, and I will probably be adding about 1000 lbs. I cannot wait until Tuesday!
  10. 2018 RI257 Wave Settings

    where do you put the 1000# of lead? all in the rear lockers? None in the bow? I just bought an RI257, and I will definitely need the lead as well, because usually it's just my wife and myself on the boat.
  11. Hey guys, I've lurked on here for awhile, and I finally made the plunge and traded by M235 for a 2018 RI257. We almost bought a 257 last year when we bought the Malibu, and I wished we had, but we corrected our mistake today! In the past 3 years, we've had a G25, a G23, and M235, and an RI257, but I think this will be the boat! We get to pick it up next Tuesday, but we are both pumped!

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