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  1. Anyone know what the best way to clean and protect the swim platform non skid rubber? Just don't want to ruin material by using products that will cause it to fade, lighten, or crack. Please let me know! Thanks
  2. Curious if anyone knows where I can find a replacement plastic latch that attaches underneath the rear seat. Plastic broke in half and unfortunately doesn't look like it can be glued without breaking again. Boat is a 2015 SV233. Any help or direction would be appreciated!
  3. I have not had any random changing of options like you stated, however a couple of days ago we took our 2015 sv233 out and the touch vision system was completely backwards. I shut everything off and restarted the battery and it went back to normal. Hope it doesn't continue to happen but I would suggest resetting the batteries and if the issue continues contact your dealer or touch vision. Good luck

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