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  1. Our boat has them built into the cap. The wires are run under the bottom of the cap where someone glassed in some old paper rolls (no idea what they actually are, they have rotted out, but the glass is still there lol) The wires can be just run back to the same receiver. You can cut holes in the cap and upholstry with a jig saw I would assume. Not sure a hole saw is big enough to fit std size round speakers. In our boat there is one in the front and one in the back on each side. This is a pretty standard way to do it which wouldnt involve much.
  2. Luckily, (Admiral) Kelly is good with all that stuff and is planning on doing the vynil for our seats, engine cover, and sides. Plus rebuilding the Bimini, hopefully she can come up with something! What Im curious about is the tensioner going around the outside. But for now, thats a problem for a different day.
  3. Thanks @Timr71! I appreciate the links, we were thinking of getting a generic cover (like you pointed out on ebay and Bass Pro Shops) but with the tower it may get tricky. Not sure what options there are out there to fit around the tower for an older boat which clearly didn't have the tower.
  4. Anyone have an idea on where to get a cover? Its still a ways away from being done, but Im always looking down the road. we do have a tower on the boat which may cause some issues, but not sure if there is a generic cover option out there?
  5. Ah, gotcha, well thats unfortunate. Well I guess Ill just leave it as empty
  6. Glad to be here Tim, I did notice that when I was trying to update my profile that there wasnt an option for a Tru Trac.. does it also go by another name?
  7. Thanks 86ski! I am excited to start putting the structure back in the boat for sure. Stringers are almost done, then engine mounts, pylon mounts, and floor. My goal is sometime in August to have it in the water, doesnt have to be completely finished, but I think that would be a great turn around from starting in March. Im not considering repowering at the moment. It has an old 351W which seems like someone got it up and running and then didnt take care of it. It has the carb upgraded to a Holly, new hoses, wires, and ignition coils. I had to replace the starter because it wasnt turning over for me and purchased new exhaust ports. I may also replace the steering cable since it felt a little stiff.
  8. Hey All! Glad to be joining up on another forum that's more specific to Centurions than to a rebuild in general. Thanks Tim for throwing out my rebuild thread, its going slowly but glad to have some good experience over on iBoats for the glassing and woodworking tips. Here are a few pictures of my old boat, the floor and stringers were rotten so I have them all cut out and putting all new structure from the hull up.

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