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  1. Everything seems to be working after I turned off all the power to the entire boat. I think it is a software issue but for now it is working. Thanks for the tips.
  2. I have a 2017 Ri217 with only 14 hours the quick surf left does not engage. It will eventually start working but takes a lot attempts for it to engage. I was wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks to get it to work. It almost seems like a glitch in the system not communicating with the actuator.
  3. 2017 RI217 Prop Options

    My boat only has a 1 1/8" shaft on it so it will not fit the 16" prop. Do you know when they switched to the bigger shaft?
  4. 2017 RI217 Prop Options

    I am at 500' above sea level.
  5. I just purchased a 2017 RI217 with the 409 HP engine. The prop that I have on it is the Acme 1589. I feel like it has a hard time getting on plane and is always working hard. When surfing I am running at about 4100 RPM. I was wondering if anyone has upgraded the prop to a bigger diameter and had any insight to what it did for fuel economy and details like that. I called Acme and they recommended model 2279 which is a 15"x15.75. I have also called boardco and they recommended an acme 3145 which is a 16"x13" prop. Does anyone have any recommendations to help me to lower the RPM's on the boat and make it more efficient.
  6. Did you get a chance to test the Acme 2923 prop? I am trying to figure out what prop to get. I am coming from an axis a22 that seems to be way more efficient than my RI217. I am hoping that a new prop will make a big difference. if there are any other suggestions please let me know.

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