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  1. My wife and I went to the Utah boat show last weekend. Here are some of our take-aways: We love Centurions. We own a 2015 FS44 that has a killer surf wave. Colors are awesome. Other than lack of storage, we have really enjoyed this boat. Anyway... The Centurion dealers at the boat show made us really laugh. The boats are awesome, but their pricing strategy is seriously up in the night! The price they are advertising for an RI257 is over $200K! (online also) The funny thing is that they are not actually trying to get that out of it. They are doing to old trick of setting the price really high, and then saying "but your price is X", as if people are that uneducated and are going to fall for the good deal trick. LOL! To top it off, the price they are actually trying to get from an RI257 is still higher than a Nautique G25! So in Utah, if you think Nautique G23 or 25 are expensive, wait until you look at the Centurion RI237 or 257! Wow!
  2. CREW DEAL: 2018 CenturionCrew.Com Spare Tire Cover

    I'm still in. Please let me know if it happens.
  3. My wife and I did as much reading online as we could, and also read through the owners manual. I identified that the only thing that I've changed since our Lake Powell trip was that I remember putting in 91 octane gas throughout that trip, and since then I've not put in 91 octane. My wife found in the owners manual where it says that the zr450 needs 93 octane to perform correctly. So, I put in some octane booster, filled the rest of the tank up with 91 octane, and went out for a test drive after work. My boat's performance was significantly better! I have taken it out a second time, and again the performance and surf wave was back to being pure awesome! I cannot believe that more than a month of complete frustration was all due to the wrong octane of gas. I know this may seem like common knowledge to some, but it wasn't to this new centurion owner. When I called my boat dealer and told the friendly guy who actually tried to help me what I found, he said that it was common knowledge that it requires at least 91 octane. Obviously this is a simple thing that is very easily over looked.
  4. I talked with my centurion dealer Friday, and one guy said that it is likely my prop causing my issues. I am currently running a 14.5 x 12 (1873). I looked at an RI237 that was in their lot for some service (maybe winterization). That owner is running a 14 x 14.25 (1847), and the guy working there said that the owner says it runs flawlessly. He also asked me what my max RPM is when I'm surfing and struggling to get up to speed. I took the boat out that afternoon, and here is what happened: I didn't use perfect pass, but just added some weight and tried to surf with no cruise control on at all. I couldn't get much past 10 mph, but averaged in the mid to upper 9's. The wave was terrible! I could surf it, but I was right behind he boat. I played with the CATS, the center tab, anything I could think of, but it struggled. While surfing, the RPM averaged about 4,000 to 4,100, and occasionally got up to 4,200. I also pulled tubes for the first time ever in this boat, and I had a REALLY hard time. Just no power. I went back to my dealer on Saturday, and a different guy kind of made fun of me, and said that expecting a different prop to perform better was a pretty stupid idea. He suggested I make an appointment and let them run diagnostics on it. I left very frustrated and mad. Unfortunately there is only 1 other centurion dealer within driving distance and they are 80 miles away. I have a 14x14.25 prop, and I'm going to throw that on once I get a prop puller this week. If that doesn't work, I'm out of ideas.
  5. I have a 2015 FS44, and I'm experiencing the same problem. I bought the boat in June. We are in Utah at 4,800 ft elevation. During our test drive and the first time I took the boat out, the wave was amazing. I then took the boat to Lake Powell for a week (3,600 ft elevation), and the wave was great. I did have a weird problem at Lake Powell where the rider profiles kept getting erased over night. But, the boat performed well. Since returning home, we have had tons of problems almost the same as in this post. Regular side wave is pretty good, but does fluctuate from 10 to 10.5 mph, but the goofy wave I have set to 11.2 and I cannot get there. The speed is all over the place, and occasionally gets over 10.5. I took my boat to my local Centurion dealer and they flashed the software on Aug 18th. That day we took it out and it performed great in all settings. We went out again on Labor Day to the same lake, and it was back to the same problems of the speed being all over the place, and not being able to get up to 11 mph. I'm quite frustrated! Could this just be a software problem and not the prop as described above? Any other ideas or suggestions? I'm going to go back to my dealer tomorrow on my lunch break and talk to them about my prop, although they may all be out because the World Wakesurfing Championships are here at one of lakes in my area!

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