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  1. I am updating my floor to an eva foam and have 3 questions: 1. Is there any functional reason not to run the seams side to side as opposed to bow to stern? 2. Any idea on where to find a seat base like the one in the picture? Mine is cracked and about to bite the dust. 3. How in the hell do I replace the netting on the back of the captain's chair, without destroying the upholstery? Thanks for the input!
  2. Anyone have pictures or ideas of how to add speakers in the boat. I have tower speakers and a sub but I want to add speakers in the boat (especially towards the front) but I also want it to look nice too.
  3. H20King I see you have a surfboard in the rack in your picture. Were you able to get any kind of wave to surf? I haven't even tried yet but It seems like it might not be doable.
  4. Im not sure I belong in this thread. I just go a '95 Heritage. I can't find much about it but I am assuming it is in the Falcon/ Tru-Trac family. Anyone else on here have one of these?

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