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  1. Hey everyone. I’ve tried to search on here and can’t seem to find an answer. How do you dim the display on a provision screen? Can’t find it under any of the settings. Is there a nob somewhere? It’s blinding at night. Recently new to me 2010 sv230 with provision 1 display I believe . Thanks for any help
  2. 2010 SV230 Need Cover

    Thanks for the input. Ended up going with one from Great Lakes skipper. Fits well. Hopefully it will last awhile.
  3. 2010 SV230 Need Cover

    Thanks for the info. Currently have a tarp on it but it’s definitely a short term solution. Might give the one from Great Lakes skipper a try.
  4. Hi all. New to the site. Just bought a 2010 Enzo SV230 and I’m stoked. Only problem is it didn’t come with a cover. Looking into a custom cover but worried about how long that will take before I can get it covered. Anyone have any experience with covers from Great Lakes skipper or Cover.world sundura cover? Thanks!

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