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  1. Winterizing my 07 elite v c4 for the first time next week. I plan on running fuel stabilizer, changing the oil, draining the water, running anti-freeze through, and fogging the cylinders. Anything I’m missing or should reconsider?
  2. Thanks bomoseen! This is what I have going to the center ballast. This is right behind the engine at the transom. Is the piece with the grey top the fill pump?
  3. Thanks! I think I finally have the system figured out. I have two pumps back by the pylon structure, and I thought each one of those were filling and emptying the two after market rear ballast bags. But, it appears one of those pumps is for the center ballast and the other is to fill both of the rear bags. The one that controls the center ballast I took out and cleaned and greased the impeller andd put it back on and now it looks like it’s filling and emptying the center ballast. I think I probably need to do the same thing with the other pump that fills the rear ballasts as well as it’s been sitting for awhile and sound like it’s working pretty hard when I try to fill the bags. On that same note, another question - is it normal when filling the rear bags for water to be pushed out the side empty port? Thought maybe that was the pump and water pushing air out of the bags but not sure if there was something else that could be going on?
  4. What the pump actually looks looks like, though mine doesn’t feel like it’s sitting on a stand like that
  5. Thanks infinitysurf. I assume it is the same pump filling and draining as that’s the only area I see anything going into the ballast. I’ve got two more pumps in the back for the rear ballast bags, and I guess it could fill from those somehow and somewhere that I can’t see, but I’m not sure how that would work. The weird thing is this center ballast pump is tiny and has a different set up than the other two pump on the rear. The top of this pump just spins off the pump base and has a small plastic impeller. I just googled it and found the ad for it says “bilge” pump. Is it possible this pump is only to empty the bilge and center ballast, and maybe one of the other rear pumps or a pump I can’t see is filling the center ballast? https://www.wholesalemarine.com/mayfair-replacement-cartridge-bilge-pump-motors-35102.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpufAqMuJ3AIVFrbICh2JtQu9EAQYAiABEgLX6vD_BwE
  6. Relatively new boat owner here. Purchased first boat in May - a 2007 centurion elite v c4. Now seem to be having issues with the center ballast. I could tell it wasn’t filling so I popped off the floor cover to take a look at it and the pump. When I hit the empty switch the pump will run, but when I hit the fill switch just get one clicking sound that sound like it’s coming from farther back near the engine (I did have the engine running when I hit the fill switch). I pulled the pump out to see the impeller and it was the same when I tried there as well. Impeller spins on empty, dead on fill, just that same short click noise coming from somewhere by the engine. Is there a trick to filling the center ballast, or is there a breaker or fuse or something that could have blown that’s preventing it from filling? Any help is appreciated.

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