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  1. 2016 SV244 pricing

    I didn't check out the prop. But with two guys and zero ballast in the boat it topped out at 30 mph at WOT and it took some time to get there. I just figured that when not surfing I didn't want to run the engine that hard to get from point a to point b. it seemed to get on plane OK but ill bet it would struggle to go 10 or 11 mph with the ballast full and 10 peeps aboard.
  2. 2016 SV244 pricing

    Well, I ended up passing on the boat. It was very well built and in showed well but iIt was just too underpowered for my liking. I'm going to keep looking for the right boat. I think i'll start looking for an FS. I like the picklefork design a bit better. thanks guys for all the input. it was much appreciated.
  3. 2016 SV244 pricing

    It has a PCM EX3 engine. Boat is located in Alabama. i'm going to test drive it today, just not sure what to offer the dealer. It's advertised at 89K but they said they'd take $83K. here's a link to the ad. https://www.boattrader.com/listing/2016-centurion-enzo-sv244-102854888/
  4. After bumming rides from my neighbors for two years I'd like to buy my own boat. I'm looking at a leftover boat with zero hours on it. It's brand new and according to the spec sheet the msrp is 122k. What's a fair price for this boat? When shopping I had been leaning toward fs244 but if I can get a good deal on this one I think I may pull the trigger. Would love to get some input here. This would be my first tow boat and I'm looking for one with a great surf wake. Thanks in advance. -mike

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