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  1. Pss shaft seal install

    It ended up being the 1" T kit.
  2. Pss shaft seal install

    I ordered my PSS shaft seal from Amazon and didn't get the T kit. Do happen to know what size I need? 2011 Enzo with PCM 343. Thanks
  3. PSS Shaft Seal

    Thank Rhino. I look it over this weekend.
  4. PSS Shaft Seal

    New Centurion owner here and sorry to resurrect this old thread. The shaft seal is leaking pretty bad on my 2011 Enzo SV230. I ordered the PSS seal off of Amazon but it didn't come with the water supply kit. Can someone tell me what size adapter I need? Second question. The instructions say to remove the prop. Is this so that the shaft can slide far enough out of the boat? Would I need to do this if my boat is on a lift? Ground clearance problem or rudder clearance problem? Thanks

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