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  1. Just got a boat lift for my S21, are there any tricks or tips on the best way to fuel up when boat is sitting on the lift all summer? Do they sell any gadgets/gizmos that make fueling easier. For example a cart system? Or do I need to do it the old fashioned way which is what I did yesterday- fill up a 5 gallon can and haul it back and forth. Any input is appreciated.
  2. Just picked up a used 2014 Supreme S21 and I live on American Lake in WA! Am looking for any locals who have a boat license, can drive responsibly and looking to get out for as much wakeboarding and wakesurfing as possible this summer! Hit me up. Boat is sitting on a boat lift ready to go!
  3. Thanks Nick! Dealer told me that this asking price of $71k was the bank payoff, that he hasn't marked it up so its the bottom price. Because of my lack of boat knowledge. At this price point of around $71k, plus an additional $7k for tax/license, etc - I figure I'll be spending a total of about $78-$79k for a boat. At this price- is this boat about as good as it gets for what I'm looking for, or should I consider other options- Also- this boat would be too big to fit into my garage. I do have a 2 car carport. Would a good cover and a carport give this boat adequate protection in the winter after it is winterized- or should I get a 22 ft boat, which would fit in my garage which has a 23.5 ft length!? I'm also considering this option, as its a little bit cheaper, would fit into my garage, and leave me with some money for a boat lift! Also, since it will be my first boat- maybe better to start out w/ something cheaper. My only reluctance is that it is in AZ and so I would have to have it shipped w/o being able to see it in person. https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/bod/d/supreme-s21-surf-edition-2014/6528165358.html
  4. I live on American Lake- WA, I've promised my wife and kids a boat for the last 3 years. I grew up wake boarding. I'd love to get them into wake boarding and wake surfing. I've quickly realized that times have changed and boat prices are crazy high for something w/ great technology and its a zoo out there w/ too many options. I'm looking to get used- rather let someone else take the initial hit. Considering that I'm having to spend around $60-$70k for a boat that is not super old and has great wake technology, I'd love to at least snag a great deal (not just an ok deal). I'm to new at this to know whether an Axis w/ a surf gate is the way to go, or a Centurion w/ the Ram fill. I've found this boat in OR, I could go drive down tomorrow and pick it up. Centurion ENZO SV233- the dealer makes it sound like he's selling it at a smoking deal- but I don't know enough about boats to know whether this is a GREAT deal, or just an ok deal! Any input from you guys would be greatly appreciated! https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/bod/d/2016-centurion-enzo-sv-233/6512393827.html

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