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  1. 2016 Supreme S226 Blistering

    I just pulled my boat 2015 enso 244 and found the complete port underside covered in small blisters. Our boat is in the water for 3weeks in July out a week to another lake and back in for 3 weeks. I contacted both centurion and dealer about this they are submitting a warranty claim I am pretty certain it will be denied . $4-9k to re gelcoat. In the manual however they are pretty vague on how long a boat can sit in the water . All it says is a substantial amount of time . To which no one has that answer what that is. Centurion just told me that a boat should be removed every third day and dried off? Anyone heard of that . I have also heard 2 weeks. Regardless in my opinion I think Centurion knows this may happen and don’t give you a clear warning . Should be red WARNING sticker on your front manual !! If they deny claims based on substantial amount of time . They know there is a issue but that message certainly not getting to the public. It allows them to get out of any responsibility . Will let you all know how CENTURION deals with this one . For the amount that is being charged for these boats you would think gelcoat and technology today would be a superior product. Seems they don’t care and put the responsibility on the owners. Love to hear any feed back. Will let you know how this goes cheers
  2. I am new to the Centurion and purchased a 2015 Enzo sv 240. Here what I have in it and hopefully the centurion crew can help.Ram pnp both rear and pnp both bow. We can seem to get a good smooth looking wave on either side lots of whitewash and seems to be very steep . I have heard so much rave about the centurion wave and I am hopeful it is just me . My neighbors Malibu kicks up a nicer surf wave . Any help would be greatly appreciated . Generally there would be 3 people in boat for the most part a few times a year it will be 8-10. Thank you in advance

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