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  1. +Picture of the box as it was being installed into my Ri237. See final instal pics at the top of the thread.
  2. @NWextremefeel free to text me and I'll send you some pics 440-376-5857
  3. @Nick213 they did a great job, completely happy and they tuned it very well.
  4. @Spolk69 what lake is that?
  5. @NWextremeHave you looked at my post on the porter sub enclosure I had done on my Ri237? I was able to mount the heater on top of the sub box. It sounds amazing.
  6. @InfinitySurfI couldn't agree more and I can balance between in-boat and tower speakers with the WS EQ.
  7. @RhuntIIIit is still there, just hard to see with the black vinyl.
  8. @Spolk69 It is the 12HP sub, I will take some pics from behind the dash for you. Yes, expanded the circle (to a square) to box in the sub and floated a new fiberglass face on the front to accommodate the port.
  9. @mrwick sorry for the late reply, I used AutoCAD to create the image in DXF for the Haas CNC.
  10. @k20 the sub enclosure was done by Wake Audio in Rancho Cordova, CA @wheels I used the Wet Sounds TC3 Swivel clamps to mount the outboard REV10s to the forward tower downtube, then ran the wire through the tower. For the sub grill, I traded my roswell amps and the focal sub to my local dealer in exchange for some backrests for the center seat since it wouldn't fit the new configuration. Let me see if they have a use for it.
  11. Decided to upgrade the sub/enclosure in my Ri237 to a ported system with WS REVO 12HP, what a difference! No longer does it sound like a speaker slapping in a panel. Note the vertical port to the left of the woofer. Before After Combined with the six 8" in-boat speakers and four REV10s on the tower (powered by a WS SYN-DX6 and SYN DX2.3HP), it sounds great!
  12. Has anyone attempted (or is it possible) to put a rear view camera in the Ri237 and display it on one of the dual dashboard LCDs?
  13. Machined a pair of these out of aluminum to cover the upper fixed board rack mount holes on my Enzo SS210, then moved them to my Ri237. Thoughts?
  14. R1 8″ IN-BOAT SPEAKERS (6 total)


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    Hi, I selling the 8" Roswell speakers that came in my Ri237. The speakers are brand new (I upgraded to REVO8s). Message me if interested.



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