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  1. Hello all, I just joined the forum as Im looking to trade my MB Sport on a Centurion. We were originally planning on ordering a FI23 with a 409 motor and no downfire optioned out to $100k boat show pricing. But as I search I find that a used RI237 can be had for similar money with more options. The 237 im considering is a 2016 with 120 hrs nearly every option and the H6 450hp motor at $99k. Any opinion to help sway me either way? Boat will primarily be used for surfing in Colorado. Thanks
  2. Fuel consumption Fi 21/23

    My last two fill ups were 5.18 and 5.33 GPH on our fi23 with 409 and 3145 prop. The 5.18 was mostly surfing, 11 hours on the clock and 57 gallons. The second had 2-3 hours of cruising 4-5k rpm the rest surfing and slow speed zup (for my 4 year old) 9 hours on the clock and 48 gallons of fuel. Hours aren't exact but they are close. Im at 5k ft elevation ballast is 75-100% full when surfing + 500 lbs of steel
  3. FI 23 Surf settings

    Where do you have your quick surf tabs set at. Regular side I run : Speed 11.2 Center tab between 30-50 Ramfill P: 100 Ramfill S: 80 Rear PNP P: 100 Rear PNP S: 100 Center Tank: 50 300 lbs of wakeballast on surf side transom corner and 200 on the opposite side transom corner and set quick surf to 65 starbord and 0 port
  4. Purchasing an FI 23

    I agree, that looks fantastic on the water!!
  5. New FI23 or used RI237

    No turning back now!!
  6. New FI23 or used RI237

    Thanks for all the replies all, Will we all likely want more that stock ballast in the end? From what I gather ballast is set up like: Ram fill 2500 Front hard tank 450 PNP 250 bow bag PNP Rear corners 1300 (650 each corner ) PNP transom bag 350 Im going with 1, 2, 4, and replacing 5 with 500# of lead. For grand total of 4750# of ballast. So still less than full option stock ballast. At what point do we hit diminishing returns? Any discussion. I hear you on not getting all the stock ballast. For us we plan to keep the boat for quite some time and I have plans for the rear locker!!!
  7. New FI23 or used RI237

    Thanks thats what i was thinking. I guess if we need more than 500 its free shipping.
  8. New FI23 or used RI237

    They started building our boat today! Whats everyone's thought on additional ballast for the opti v hull? We didnt opt for the pnp 350# in the stern or 250 in the bow as I wanted the space for storage. Im planning to place an order with wakeballast for 500#. Will I want more?
  9. New FI23 or used RI237

    Lovetosurf, thanks for the advise. Im at 5000', my dealer is ordering without a prop so we can try a few out. Ill make sure that the 16x13 is on the list
  10. New FI23 or used RI237

    I saw that looks great. Im so anxious for ours to come in. Your pictures are torture!! Any issue getting the tint done? When I did my MB I had a hard time getting someone to do it. I ended up pulling the windshield to get it done. Mind you I wanted to powder coat the frame anyway.
  11. New FI23 or used RI237

    I'm not sure what prop we will end up with. The dealer is going to order without one so we can try a few different to see what works best for us. For options we did most everything but the big ones. No H6 motor or downfire. We also didn't do gaterstep on the floor, stayed with the snap in for now. (We have a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old) For audio I'm thinking two rev 10s an amp that can support them and a 12" sub hooked to the stock 800.5. Does anyone know if the Roswell 800.5 amp will drive a sub reasonably well?
  12. New FI23 or used RI237

    Thanks for all the discussion guys. We placed an order yesterday for a FI23. Sounds like it should be delivered early April.
  13. If you do pull the downfire speakers and what to sell them let me know. My wife doesn't like loud music so the downfire might help my case
  14. Fi23 Review

    Hey Harold, Are you planning to add the subwoofer to the stock location under the helm? Any idea if it would have to be a free air sub or is there room for an enclosure?
  15. New FI23 or used RI237

    Thanks for the replies replies. The prop angle was one of my concerns also and I haven't located a 17 that the wife will check off on (color wise). We're really leaning toward the FI. Question #2 Is down fire worth the coin? After the discount looks like it would add $5900 to the cost vs $3000 est to add wetsounds tower speakers, amp and sub to the base audio setup.

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