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  1. Thanks man. Out of money now. Lol
  2. Ri237 or Fi25?

    RI for me
  3. Yes big vent aiming Driver’s feet area. But open door in a cove does let it breathe. As Trey said it’s like a gorilla trying to get out of a cage.
  4. 3 = SDX6 1 = SDX2500 1 = PS8
  5. All new system from WET SOUNDS and HYDROTUNES from Austin Tx unbelievable sound quality and installation job. 4 rev 10’s XXX15 that is amazing
  6. Black on Black 257 build

    So huge. So easy to surf
  7. CATS question

    I have it on my 18 ri257. And love it. It’s amazing to use.
  8. Did u use all the factory amps or switch them out
  9. Black on Black 257 build

    Thanks guys. Black rack would look good tho.
  10. CATS question

    My 2018 257 has it and I use it all the time to level boat when cruising around. Definitely changes the surf wave when used too. Great option.

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