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  1. Hurricane vs Avalanche vs Elite

    Ahhh, Boat I was interested in sold. Anyone ski behind a concourse? I know it's a big boat, but can you slalom behind it?
  2. Need opinions on Boat

    Thanks for the info guys. do you know what Supreme would be comparable to the Avy? Yes that was the add I was looking at. I see you have a 220, how do you like it?
  3. Hurricane vs Avalanche vs Elite

    He all thanks for the input. Question, how do tell what boat you are getting if all the stickers have been removed off of the boat. I found an 2004 Avy that I may go check out, or at least I think it may be an Avy but I do not see the words Avy anywhere? Is it on the Title?
  4. Hey all, I was originally looking at purchasing a early 2000's Avalanche, upgrading from a mid 90's lapoint direct drive. Family is getting into every water sport and want a boat that can do everything but realize the compromise is, is that it won't do everything well, ski,surf,board etc. We need something bigger than our old direct drive and therefore I raise the dreaded question, which centurion boat in the early 2000's would be right for me? Avalanche, Hurricane, Elite or even Concourse? I was looking at a Sky Supreme but noticed it is quite a bit narrower than the Hurricane which is narrower than the Avalanche. What are your suggestions and thoughts?
  5. Hey guys, new to forum, had 95 centurion direct drive and sold it recently as there was just not enough room in boat with all our crap. Wwe are a do everything family, ski, board, surf, and even regretfully tube. I am looking at a 2004 v220 sp with about 500 hrs on it. Guy is asking 16900. My biggest concern it that it only has the smaller 5.7 in it producing 270 hp. For such a big boat would it have problems skiing or surfing with it. appreciate any thoughts you have!

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