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  1. Got a VesselView Mobile, this thing is awesome! All the info, trouble codes, engine hours, etc for ~$300, was the idle air control. Thanks!
  2. This? https://www.amazon.com/Idle-Air-Control-Mercruiser-862998/dp/B01NAO6YE8 Can I check that first?
  3. Oh, BTW, surfers... I'm going out tomorrow with the family. One thing I have not moved since I got the boat, the trim tab. Where do you position it for surf? It's the manually adjusted center tab, it's pretty much flat right now. UPDATE: Hmm, I guess it's not adjustable. I assume it was because there are what looks like adjustable lock nuts on the posts, however, the plate sits in a recess in the hull screwed on with 4 large allens. It looks like the supports are just supports, the plate is not adjustable?
  4. Found the correct shocks, not sure why I didn't think of it before but they are the same as the storage hatch/seat! For others, here is the part and they work great now! GSNI-5200-60 Now to figure out the idle thing, thanks @Creekrat82, that will be my next task to try!
  5. Anyone yet? I need to order these today. I used this: https://www.boatingmag.com/installing-gas-strut-hatch-supports#page-5 And then estimated weight by materials (weight of 3/4 plywood, 1 yard vinyl, etc). I got ~25lbs for the hatch so ~42 lbs of support (or 2 x 25lbs let say). Measured and they need to be ~15" open and 12" closed. That seems too light to me.
  6. Thanks! If I can order tonight I can overnight some. I think the weight was off too, there were 2 60lbs on there and 1 held it up, so maybe that helped rip the screws out.
  7. Bump, anyone? Planning on heading to the lake this Saturday, like to get new supports ordered/on asap! Thanks again.
  8. Hi, search and didn't find anything yet so given I have ongoing fixes, etc with my boat, I am starting a thread. Right now, I'm working on my engine hatch which the screws gave out on and my idle issues, so I have some questions. I fixed my hatch so that's mounted again, however the lift support towers had to be fixed to and in the process, we found they were moved. We re-mounted them in the original locations but I think the previous owner also changed the lift supports because now they seem too long. Can another Avy owner with stock supports tell me what they are? I have the black scorpion. It idles fine once warmed, but when started cold I have to give it some gas to keep it running and "warm up". My parents boat has the same motor and never has this issue. What do I look for? I've changed thermostat and water fuel filter, still need to change the inline filter which I plan to do tomorrow, could it be that? Thanks!
  9. Elite c4 surf and value?

    BTW, clearly says "Velvet Drive" on the first component with the pinkish dip stick and pinkish fluid. This "box" in question's dipstick says "Walter" on it and the fluid on this stick looks more like oil, very clear with no pink tint.
  10. Elite c4 surf and value?

    New question everyone, thanks for all the help with the new ride! Almost ready to hit the water this year. Something that's always confused me because the book (parents anyways) doesn't show it. I need to do a transmission (v-drive) fluid change. I believe the transmission is the pinkish dipstick that you turn to release the rubber plug, first item after motor. So what's the last item? Behind that is the box where the fresh water first runs through, it also has a dipstick in it that just pulls right out, very short, top right side. In the pic I'm attaching, you can see half of this knurled "dip stick" in the upper right in the "box"
  11. Elite c4 surf and value?

    Well I tore the whole cooling system apart. There was water everywhere, thermostat moves, impeller looks great. I think maybe it was just a combination of the fakealake and myself being cautious and shutting it down too early. Going to replace both the thermostat and the impeller anyways and keep the current impeller as a emergency backup. I'll have a look at that t valve mod too. Different issue I can't find anything on, maybe you all can help me with. When I first start it up I have to have it in neutral and start it at a higher RPM or it will not stay running. Once it warms up, not long, maybe 20 to 30 seconds, it runs and idles just fine. It's as if there's a choke system not functioning properly. I've never had this issue with the same engine on my parents boat, starts right up and Idols even after coming out of winterization.
  12. Elite c4 surf and value?

    Ok thanks guys. I hate the impeller job on this (done it a few times on my parents boat), they put it in a crappy spot. Guess I'll start pulling hoses and pumps though and inspect everything! I was hoping the belt was all so I could move on for the season. Maybe there's a pump relocation/electric for this thing...
  13. Elite c4 surf and value?

    Thanks. I will still change the impeller but need to solve the issue. I've adjusted the belt and bought my own fake-a-lake. Checked some blue plugs and water came out. Hooked it up just now for a test, water's pumping out of the exhaust as expected. However, I still hit 175 and shut it down. It's my understanding it's supposed to be a 160 degree thermostat. With water pumping, you think it's thermostat? Is the fake-a-lake just not a good test for this particular issue with the lower water flow?
  14. Elite c4 surf and value?

    Yes, that's it! Thanks. 5.7 BTW. I went to take it off just now though and first pulled some blue plugs and then some hoses. Water came out of all, so maybe not the pump. Then I noticed the belt was only half on the crank and alternator pulleys! So maybe it was just slipping? I am going to order my own flusher and try again with the belt fixed.
  15. Elite c4 surf and value?

    Not sure, that link seems to jump me to some place called praymedia and wants a cc. It's a 2006 Centurion Avalanche with the Black Scorpion motor. Same as my fathers motor but we left the part tag at their cabin!

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