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  1. Elite c4 surf and value?

    BTW, clearly says "Velvet Drive" on the first component with the pinkish dip stick and pinkish fluid. This "box" in question's dipstick says "Walter" on it and the fluid on this stick looks more like oil, very clear with no pink tint.
  2. Elite c4 surf and value?

    New question everyone, thanks for all the help with the new ride! Almost ready to hit the water this year. Something that's always confused me because the book (parents anyways) doesn't show it. I need to do a transmission (v-drive) fluid change. I believe the transmission is the pinkish dipstick that you turn to release the rubber plug, first item after motor. So what's the last item? Behind that is the box where the fresh water first runs through, it also has a dipstick in it that just pulls right out, very short, top right side. In the pic I'm attaching, you can see half of this knurled "dip stick" in the upper right in the "box"
  3. Elite c4 surf and value?

    Well I tore the whole cooling system apart. There was water everywhere, thermostat moves, impeller looks great. I think maybe it was just a combination of the fakealake and myself being cautious and shutting it down too early. Going to replace both the thermostat and the impeller anyways and keep the current impeller as a emergency backup. I'll have a look at that t valve mod too. Different issue I can't find anything on, maybe you all can help me with. When I first start it up I have to have it in neutral and start it at a higher RPM or it will not stay running. Once it warms up, not long, maybe 20 to 30 seconds, it runs and idles just fine. It's as if there's a choke system not functioning properly. I've never had this issue with the same engine on my parents boat, starts right up and Idols even after coming out of winterization.
  4. Elite c4 surf and value?

    Ok thanks guys. I hate the impeller job on this (done it a few times on my parents boat), they put it in a crappy spot. Guess I'll start pulling hoses and pumps though and inspect everything! I was hoping the belt was all so I could move on for the season. Maybe there's a pump relocation/electric for this thing...
  5. Elite c4 surf and value?

    Thanks. I will still change the impeller but need to solve the issue. I've adjusted the belt and bought my own fake-a-lake. Checked some blue plugs and water came out. Hooked it up just now for a test, water's pumping out of the exhaust as expected. However, I still hit 175 and shut it down. It's my understanding it's supposed to be a 160 degree thermostat. With water pumping, you think it's thermostat? Is the fake-a-lake just not a good test for this particular issue with the lower water flow?
  6. Elite c4 surf and value?

    Yes, that's it! Thanks. 5.7 BTW. I went to take it off just now though and first pulled some blue plugs and then some hoses. Water came out of all, so maybe not the pump. Then I noticed the belt was only half on the crank and alternator pulleys! So maybe it was just slipping? I am going to order my own flusher and try again with the belt fixed.
  7. Elite c4 surf and value?

    Not sure, that link seems to jump me to some place called praymedia and wants a cc. It's a 2006 Centurion Avalanche with the Black Scorpion motor. Same as my fathers motor but we left the part tag at their cabin!
  8. Elite c4 surf and value?

    First system on the way, both rear lockers and I borrowed my fathers portables to place around. We took it out today, first launch! Didn't make it far, hit 175 temp and was climbing so we rowed back in. Guessing impeller which I should have just done! Just did one on my fathers black scorpion this past summer. So, I don't have a part number, book/manual, and can't find any online parts finders for the boat. Anyone know where/how to look it up so I can get one ordered asap?
  9. Elite c4 surf and value?

    Hi again, new question since you all mentioned prop. I looked at what I have, and at this list: https://www.wakemakers.com/centurion-wakeboard-boat-propellers And it's not on there anywhere. What I have is this, thoughts? https://www.wakemakers.com/acme-817-propeller.html
  10. Elite c4 surf and value?

    Bass Lake, my parents have a place there. Now that I have my own boat though I'll be at some of the local lakes again. That's a lot of weight! But it sounds like either way filling my rear lockers isn't a bad idea, if anything I'll still need more!
  11. Elite c4 surf and value?

    Roseville, outside of Sacramento.
  12. Elite c4 surf and value?

    h20king I'm actually in CA. Had it driven down. So hi again all. The season here is really close so I'm trying to get this thing ready for a push button season! Since I got it I put in a new stereo, got a wakesurf rack for the other side, mirror, fixed up some lighting, and installed Hydrophase Ridesteady. My last task is ballast. I know I should try first but we've had years as a family of filling and moving bags around in my parents boat and I am done with it, I don't want to go an entire season again like that. I want to push a button and fill. So, I'm hoping you all can critique or recommend so I can get my ballast right. First of all: - The boat again is a 2006 Avalanche with the pass through, stock center hard tank. - I want a good surf wave but I'm not willing to fill up every compartment and sink the boat for the best wave. I want a balance of wake and storage. Coming from my parents boat for years (2005 Sanger V210, stock center ballast, port locker filled, tube sac across rear seat, mission delta) we surf great and I'm now working with a longer, wider, deeper draft boat. - We ski and wakeskate too. If it doesn't ski well empty, we've always got a buddy with a ski boat with us. I figure the stock center take alone will be great for wakeskate. - I do plan to get my own surf device down the road, use my fathers Delta for now. We've tried combos of sinking a side, evenly weighted with Delta, and just slightly more on surf side + delta, I can't say myself I find one too much better than the other, but I'm only 145lbs so I can surf just about anything. Doesn't mean I don't appreciate a better wave! So, I've been working with WakeMakers for a week or so now to come up with a system but based on what I requested, so I'm looking for input, what you Avalanche owners think based on what you've done and the fact I want to make a nice wave without sacrificing all my storage. The plan right now is to add a single reversible pump to feed a 325lb Sumo in the pass through locker and a 850lb Sumo Max in the port locker (the side we usually surf). I figure I can fill the center, then "tune" by filling the new system until it fills right since it would fill 350 both sides first then continue to fill port side where it feels right or until full. Then, I can test with our portable bags to see if I want to add a bow bag system later or not. The big thing is I don't want to spend $1k and drill holes and then get it wrong of course! P.S., if you think I'd be better off starting a new thread let me know! I just figured on continuing since you were all greatly helpful before! Oh, in the pic they drew up, 1" feeding the reversible/bags, 1 1/8" vent hoses.
  13. Elite c4 surf and value?

    I know, I wanted this larger model for both growing family and surfing reasons. Yes, I got it in Oregon.
  14. Elite c4 surf and value?

    Thanks all! I got my boat and am excited for the new season to come! Ended on a clean 06 Centurion Avalanche with only 115 hours on it (and not just motor) and with the pass through I was hoping for!

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