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  1. Wondering if someone can tell me about how much a 99 elite 22' vdrive weighs on a trailer with a full tank of gas? The brochure I found online shows 3500# I assume that's for a bare hull, so I'm guessing around 5200? Looking at replacing my worn out tow vehicle, considering a 2006 jeep grand Cherokee hemi 4x4 with towing package. Thanks in advance
  2. Hoping someone can identify what brand my tower is from these photos. 1999 Elite vdrive bow rider. I can't find any markings on it. As you can see the cover doesn't fit properly. Thanks in advance.
  3. here's a photo of the center rudder linked to the rear rudder.
  4. so now it's clear it is not the CATS that my boat has, its indeed a second small steering rudder with a separate cable thats located on the centerline just forward of the skegs. Here's photos. I've not seen this before, wondering if there are other Elite owners with this same design? It's connected to the main rudder with a cable. What is it intended to do?
  5. ok so I just discovered that this is the early version of the CATS. But I don't see any indication on how its controlled by the driver. Anyone with a 98 like mine have any information on this?
  6. New guy here, purchased 98 Centurion Elite V-drive two months ago. Steering is stiff, mechanic says new cable needed. My boat has an odd second (small) rudder that's positioned just forward of the three skegs. My mechanic says the small rudder has a second cable that he cannot find a part # for. My question is does anyone know the part number or how to get it? Never seen a design like this so kind of at a loss as to how it all works and how it affects the handling of the boat. Thanks for any help!

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